Thursday, January 10, 2013

Demystifying the Male- 10

Welcome to Demystifying the Male

Q: What it's like to be inside of a woman... what does it feel like when a woman orgasms while you're inside her? Also, if there's a difference between the feel from anal or vaginal you might as well fill us in. If you don't someone will ask.

Jose: I haven't gotten to really fuck a woman in ass yet. So, if any volunteers hit me up lol Being inside a women pussy is AMAZING feeling. The wetter the better, I really cant compare it to anything especially when you don't have to pull out. Fuck till nut is best!!

Ramrod: What is it like to be inside a woman?  It is like every square inch of my dick squeezed with a soft, wet, warm grip.  Yah, you can get combinations of warm, wet, soft and squeezing with mouth or hands but you don't get the full contact like you do with a pussy.  When she is good and wet there is almost not friction, just gentle squeezing up and down my shaft as I move in and out.  Changing positions and tensing your pc muscles can change that grip from snug to tight and she get even tighter as her pussy pulses during an orgasm.  With the right rhythm you can keep the orgasms going till she squeezes me into one also. 
The biggest differences between anal and vaginal is anal is not self lubricating and is tighter when first entering.  Because of this you have to make sure use plenty of lube and go slow since it is so much tighter but once you are in, it feels very similar to the vagina. 

Q: What does pussy really taste like? 

Jose: Pussy really dont have a taste to me, cuz its clean pussy lol, but you can add whip cream and etc to add flavor. It gets messy

Ramrod: What does pussy taste like.....MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm pussy.  Wow, to put a taste to's just Fucking good.  I guess it has a combination of bitter to sweet taste.  The taste is different from woman to woman and can change depending on shaved or bushy( Hair holds smell and smell affects taste), time since last wash, How long you have been horny or wet, hormone levels( I hear pregnancy can change that a lot), whether it is before,during or after Sex, or if either came during sex. The taste can change as I am going down on her as she gets wetter and as she cums too.  Eating pussy, to me is the most intimate sex acts a woman can let be done to her which adds to the allure of it all.  Not only does she let you have sight and touch to the most sensitive and guarded area of her body, but she is letting you smell and taste her too.  I know some women can be self-conscious about their smell or taste but as a certified muff diver of the Pussy Eaters Union local 69, I say....... If it smells like fish, it's a dish.  If it smells like cologne, leave it alone.  Ladies, relax and enjoy because I will.  pussy mmm mmm good!

Q: How about the woman tucking a finger in a guy’s anus during sex or a BJ? Good? Bad? Is it best just to rim the outside or dip in looking for the elusive prostate to rub against?

Jose: I never did that, just give me a BJ and don't touch anywhere near there lol. Just ain't into that.

Ramrod: Tucking a finger in my ass during sex or blowjob, haven't had it done so I don't know.  I have heard when done right, a prostate rub can give you a unbelievable orgasm.  I have had the area between my balls to my ass played with and I have got no complaints so far. Now if your fingers start to stray towards my ass and try to go further, and my dick is getting sucked at the same time, I am not one to argue anything at that point.

My fearless, mostly permanent men, o' the hour are:

Jose Da Hood from Ellora's Cave and the Cave Chaos Radio

 Mr. Vile Woods blogger, Dominant, all around open guy. Check out his blog HERE.
Phil Richards Awesome hubs of my fellow erotic romance author, Anya Richards.

Ramrod Director of Project Management for Ellora's Cave Publishing  If it plugs into a wall, battery operated, needs built, rebuilt, lifted, driven, fixed or figured out.........that's me

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  1. Once I stopped blushing (because I'm all innocent, yo), I give two thumbs up to the answers. Love how honest and hysterical y'all are. Keep up the good work!

    1. We made an Erotic Romance Author blush......:-)

    2. Ramrod, I think you've made many of us blush over the last couple of weeks! LOL

  2. Holy shit, another awesome chat with the boys...

  3. "...certified muff diver of the Pussy Eaters Union local 69..."
    OMG, LOLOLOLOLOL! You know this is going to show up in 100 EC books now, right?

    1. Yah Ladies have to let me know if I inspire a scene in a story.

  4. Ramrod should be an author with his descriptions! Has any of these guys groaned or moaned at a question and wondered "Where in the heck did they get this question?"
    I will say that I thought, OMG! she's not really asking that is she?
    And then I read the guys' answers, and think Wow, they even aswered them. And what answers they give. Thanks guys for all your insightful answers.

    1. Thank you, I would love to write or co-write a story sometime. As for the questions, If you have the guts to ask, I should have the guts to answer. Glad you guys are enjoying them.

  5. Oooh, so I can ask you ALL SORTS of blush-worthy questions, then!? Cool-I'll make a list!

    Another great interview, Lea!


  6. Keep the questions coming and we will keep you blushing

  7. Ramrod dont mess around