Monday, December 31, 2012

End of 2012- Thank You

I'm feeling rather mushy today. It's the end to a very exciting year for me. I started it an unknown, with dreams and aspirations of being a erotic romance published author. I'd signed my first contract not much before the end of 2011... but I had no idea if I could do it again, if anyone would buy my books, if any one would even like them.

April saw my first release day with Maggie's Abduction through Siren Bookstrand. April 21st. Two days before my birthday. I was terrified and excited in equal parts.

Since then I've had five more releases days from Siren and Ellora's Cave. I've participated in blog hops, signed books, traveled to my first writer's conference. Oh, and I can't forget stumbling on a group of wonderfully crazy authors that we now call the Cabal of Hotness. Without them I wouldn't have had such a great end-of-year. I could keep adding things to this list. So many firsts it would take me all day to list them. It has been a fantastic journey!

I am so thankful for this last year. I've been allowed to live a dream that I never thought possible. I'm so thankful for the authors that have led me by the hand through the secretive passageways of authordom. Thankful for the readers that have continued to buy my books and let me know that they enjoy my writing. I'm so ABSOLUTELY thankful to my hubby. Without him and the days he's taken as kid-watcher I wouldn't have completed a single story. (I feel like I'm at the Grammy's)

Thank you to everyone that stops by my blog, reads what I have to say, comments on the blogs and generally make me feel loved. 2012 was an awesome year! I'm really looking forward to 2013!

Love, peace and harmony to you and your family in the new year!

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  1. 2012 has been an awesome year. Let's hope 2013 is even better. It's been an honor and a pleasure meeting you, Lea!

    P.S. That was a great Grammy speech LOL

    1. Danica- That moment where you waved us over in false hope that we were one of Grace's angels was a defining moment in my year! *fist bump*