Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sensual Saturday- Cristal Ryder

I'm thrilled to be here at Lea’s blog. I come bearing some hot stuff too - a little bit of loving. I hope you enjoy this snippet from Rock-Hard Heat. Chet and Jenna really know how to heat things up in the Colorado mountains. Their loving is pretty steamy and I can't give you the smoking snippet because it’s a bit of a spoiler ;)

Jenna turned to face him as the searing path of his mouth followed her jawline. She wanted his kiss and met him with a fiery passion she knew would never die. Jenna wound her arms around his neck and opened her mouth, encouraging him to deepen the kiss. His tongue met hers and they moaned into each other. His palms slipped down her back and cradled her ass.
Chet lifted her with ease and she wrapped her legs around his hips, hooking her ankles behind his butt. Jenna wasn’t chilled any longer. Their closeness, the skin-to-skin contact chased the coolness of the mountain creek away. Passion warmed the water between them and they slid against each other. His chest hair tickled her breasts and the sweet friction against her nipples had them tightening into aching buds. Jenna pulsed her hips and his cock glided deliciously between her pussy lips, driving her to distraction.
Chet thrust against her and she couldn’t bear another moment of not having him fill her. Jenna tipped her hips until his cock head pushed at her opening.
“Oh baby,” she murmured against his lips as they both thrust and he slid into her, filling and stretching her wide. He shuddered in her embrace and Jenna held him tight with her arms and legs as he began a rhythm that allowed them a slow, comfortable fuck in the water. The buoyancy posed a slight problem but the sweetness of their loving and the heat of their passion brought them fulfillment in the pool of Gold Creek.

Unable to stay away from her sexy cowboy, Jenna flies back to him and the Colorado Rockies. A part of her stayed in the wild and rugged west after she left and she wants to rekindle their passion. And uncover the potential riches hidden in this majestic landscape.

Chet sets out to mine a special place in Jenna’s heart with love and their undeniable chemistry. Their steamy affair has Jenna searching for more than gold in the mountains—she wants Chet’s rock-hard love, anywhere she can get it.

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