Thursday, November 15, 2012

Demystifying the Male- 2

Welcome to week two. I polled a bunch of crazy authors and readers for questions we most wanted someone of the male persuasion to answer. They had many that were sexually related, but there were a few questions that were just normal "why" questions for the guys to answer.

How can men go days without showering and think it's perfectly fine?

Justin: Can't help here. I have to bathe before bed every night. 

Jose: That’s definitely not me. I am a clean freak, I need my balls and ass cleaned. I know plenty guys that think they can do that, maybe ya'll ladies need to tell them NO HEAD OR SEX TILL THEY WASH UP. lol

What is it about anal sex that draws guys? The tightness? The naughtiness?

Justin: Anal sex with a girl is a fun, change of pace kind of thing for me. The tightness is a plus for sure but the knowledge that the girl is letting me penetrate her that way is more of a turn on. 

Jose: I really don't know, I only got to put it in a female twice never got to do the big finish. I need to find some lady that love anal so I can get the deed done to answer the question. lol

What does a male orgasm actually feel like, from beginning to end?
Taylor: When the moment comes my heart races and my dick gets harder with every thrust. My toes curl and my muscles flex . Then, like a dozen electric shockwaves of euphoria pulsing through my whole body I cum over and over until I'm finished . I'm so exhausted from the sex and relaxed from the orgasm that all I can do is lay on my back and try and catch my breath.

Jose: When it starts with foreplay by sucking and rubbing my dick the feeling is just amazing no comparison until you nut (come)!! That is like heaven, lol since that is the greatest place..nutting is the greatest feeling!! Its hard me to explain how it feels cuz i am a simple minded MAN lol

Alex: Orgasms are great but are not created equal. If it is the most self satisfying orgasm (without stress or performance issues) it can make you feel like you are racing toward death. I know that sounds strange but it's true. The second after your brain explodes and a blindness sets in, it's like I'm transported somewhere magical but dangerous as if I am the most beautiful creature hanging over a waterfall suspended by the finest of threads. I can hear my blood and heart in my ears but it sounds like someones else's....almost. I can't speak for all men but for me, orgasm involves the mind, the lungs and of course, the cock. Shudders, shattering, gasping, renewal are all words I've use while explaining the male orgasm....and, oh yeah, coursing up his shaft. 

My fearless, mostly permanent men, o' the hour are:
Justin Whitfield, one of our resident Cavemen, author and bar owner of The End Zone Sports Bar and Grill. If you haven't read Take It Off! check it out on Amazon, B&N and Ellora's Cave.
Jose from Ellora's Cave and the Cave Chaos Radio
This weeks show... Rendezvous and Sexy foods!

Taylor Cole, one of our resident Cavemen, author who worked alongside Justin on Take It Off!, and self-employed hottie.

Alex Carreras, Siren Bookstrand author of MM contemporary and paranormal stories, and all around great guy.

If you ask 'off topic' questions on this blog post, I promise we will get to them in later segments. Feel free to leave the guys questions about their answers above.

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  1. Hmmm. I'm not fully awake, but I have a few follow-up questions about the male orgasm. Like Lea and Cara (and others), I write stories for the EC for Men line. While I haven't had any men emailing and telling me my descriptions of a male orgasm blow (yes, I know. Like I said, I'm sleepy), I am a stickler for details and if I'm getting it all wrong I'd like to know.
    All that lead-up...
    Anything you're willing to answer would be lovely, since these are pretty specific questions.
    1- I don't recall any of you talking about the sensation of your balls drawing up close to your body but I know that happens. I read about it. *blinking eyes innocently* Do you feel that, and can you describe it?
    2- One of you mentioned pleasure racing up and down your body. I've heard you can feel it kind of tingle down your back as you get close, which is one of the reasons so many of you tend to arch your backs as you get closer and actually orgasm. Have any of you experienced something like this?
    3- I know one of you said the orgasm came as a series of explosions. Female orgasms do too, obviously. I read about it. But I've heard that in the beginning there's one "frozen" moment of pure bliss and the others are more like aftershocks. Your thoughts on this?

    Thanks, guys. Hearing about all this stuff is not only interesting, but informative, and I appreciate you all!

    And what a description, Alex. You can tell you're a writer. ;-)

    1. 3- There is that first initial moment where time and space comes to a screeching halt, then it's like the Fourth of July, Christmas and the best damn roller coaster ride ever taken all at the same time. Selfishly I wish that it would last more than several seconds. Hours would be nice but we would probably die of heart attacks with huge smiles stretched across our faces. Not a bad way to go.

      I think that question one and two can be combined. The explosion in the nuts creates a strong reaction that wills you to arch your back. For me it's more of a ball/brain connection and the back happens to be in the middle so the muscles react.

    2. Thanks for your honest replies, Alex! I really appreciate it!

  2. Thanks again for your candor guys! Now I have to go remove my "rocket launchers of lust" references

  3. Thanks for the awesome and candid responses, guys! It really is very interesting. I'm sure I'll have a question or two but Cassandra nailed down the ones I was thinking right now. Or a couple of them at least.

  4. Great responses! Not sure if this is a good question or not, my drugs haven't kicked in yet, but...
    So the whole flopping over breathing like a landed fish isn't from a lack of sensitivity and dislike of cuddling, so much as a 'oh my god, I came so hard I think I broke something'? Or is cuddling something completely different?

    1. Alex is in the house! Thank you, btw, for answering our questions so nicely. Lea

  5. Hot damn, this is great info. Thank you!

  6. Holy shit how did I almost miss this? Thank you Justin, now I need to go and take a cold shower...

  7. And all I can think of is poor Jose because he hasn't experienced the big finish during anal sex. Trying to think if I know someone who can help Jose. haha
    Thanks guys for the candid answers. *Taking notes*
    Wish I had a question to ask.

  8. Whoo Hoo! This was awesome ;) Loved all the questions and answers, thanks to everyone for responding!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. If you didn't check out last weeks segment you might want to. LOL


  9. Loved this! I don't do nearly enough writing about the male orgasm through the hero's POV. Time to change that.