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Demystifying the Male- 4

Welcome to another installment of 
Demystifying the Male 

This is from one of the Cabal. She seems to giggle when getting a lil' slap with her tickle.  
Do men really enjoy slapping a woman's ass during sex, and if so why?
Justin: We love slapping a woman's ass! " Who's your daddy!" is usually followed. Little pain feels so good. Naughty girl slaps on the ass for her being a bad girl is always!

Jose: Yes I love to slap a girls ass during sex!!! Little pain is pleasure but also a dominant thang!!!

Why do guys sit, with a hand down their pants, and fondle their 'boone & tackle' all the time?
Justin: I never sit with my hand down my pants. No Al Bundy here. I have all girls in the house so I even hold my gas. Lol.
***As I told Justin, he's a good guy. My hubs teaches my two daughters how to compete in burbing contests.

Jose: I don't sit with my hands in my pants. But every once in a while I'll fix my sack or junk, if uncomfortable, or when hot balls might stick and need fixing. LOL

Do guys really measure their cocks? And see how far they can shoot jiz when they come? Is it a competition in the gym or changing rooms or are cocks just cocks after awhile?

Justin: All guys have measured. It's due to curiosity and because everyone seems to talk about it without talking about it.

The jiz distance is for the girls enjoyment. Wait. No, it's for mine.

And gym room etiquette is not look down!

Alex: Guys DO measure their dicks. I have to admit, I don't have much insight into this phenomenon except I am positive that every guy has measured their dick. Every guy.

Shooting a powerful load is always welcome, but any load will do: a weak one, a three day-er, or an all out geyser. Remember that we are men and will take just about any kind of attention when it comes to our cocks....within reason.

The locker room: After about the sixth grade, the novelty of cocks kind of wears off. We have them. They vary in size, shape and color. They also change with age...unfortunately. We like them to be admired and stroked once in a while, some more than others. Really that's about it.

Jose: Guys do it just to do it, curiously I think. But, I like to see where I am shooting my nut if its not getting swallowed. lol

My fearless, mostly permanent men, o' the hour are:
Justin Whitfield, one of our resident Cavemen, author and bar owner of The End Zone Sports Bar and Grill. If you haven't read Take It Off! check it out on Amazon, B&N and Ellora's Cave.
Jose from Ellora's Cave and the Cave Chaos Radio

Alex Carreras, Siren Bookstrand author of MM contemporary and paranormal stories, and all around great guy.

If you have other questions you'd like posted in an up coming segment, leave me a comment, shooting me an email or finding me on Facebook or Twitter. I'll make sure your questions are answered. Make sure you come back and visit every Thursday for another installment.

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New Release: Allies with Benefits by Alex Carreras

Alex Carreras' newest release is a HOT M/M vampire romance through Siren BookStrand. It's book 3 of the Aragon series.

      Jose Galindo knew that fighting alongside the Fraternidad, the ancient clan of Spanish vampires protecting the city of Zaragoza, Spain, against the Romani, a Romanian clan of vampires hell-bent on killing everyone in sight and conquering the city, was a dangerous task, to say the very least. But for some reason, he never thought he would be faced with the decision of either choosing to die or choosing to become a vampire. He was…and he did.
Leandro Jakande was single to the core, and he liked it that way. But making the quick decision to turn Jose into a vampire in his hour of need while professing his love for him changed everything, including his playboy ways. How can he convince Jose that it isn’t necessary to be monogamous to have a loving and committed relationship? Truthfully, he isn't really sure how, but he is certainly going to give it his best try. 

Sexy Excerpt:

“Take off your pants, slowly,” Leandro directed. “I love to watch you expose yourself to me. Your body is so beautiful. Smooth and small but still muscular. Spaniards are the most attractive men in the world.”
Jose unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped, proud but still a little self-conscious of his performance. As he pushed his pants past his hips, readying to expose his erect cock, Leandro directed him to stop.
“Turn around. I want to see that magnificent ass teasing me. Taunting me.” He reached down and rubbed his massive endowment through his pants.
Jose turned and slid his jeans past his ass cheeks and continued toward his ankles. He toed off his shoes and stepped from his pants. Completely exposed, he reached around and filled his fists with his muscular cheeks, pulling them apart and revealing his youthful bud. He wanted Leandro more than anything. His hole burned, and his cock dripped with the anticipation of his strong and powerful lover entering him forcefully, taking him, to claim him for his own for all of eternity. This was what he had wanted so desperately, and now, the moment was here. “Is this what you want?” Jose asked, gazing over his shoulder, already knowing the answer.
In an instant, Leandro tore out of his pants and steel-toed boots and had his face buried between Jose’s mounds, lapping hungrily at his pulsing bud. The sensation of Leandro’s hard, wet tongue pushing into him made Jose’s thighs quake and his knees threaten to buckle. As if reading his thoughts, Leandro stood and whisked Jose onto the bed dominating the center of the room, saving him from hitting the floor. “Easy, cariño,” Jose coached. “You don’t know your strength right now, but I’m a little more delicate than you are.”
Angling over Jose, Leandro slid between Jose’s legs and ground his engorged, ebony cock against Jose’s. “Don’t underestimate your strength. I saw you battling the Romani. You were impressive. Sexy and impressive.”
Jose released a chuckle. “May I remind you that Constantin crushed many of my bones and caused irreparable internal injuries and the only reason I’m still here is that I drank from your veins.”
“Constantin is one fucking badass. You’ll get back at him next time.”
“Yes, I will, but let’s not bring up that Romanian runt right now. It’ll put me out of the mood, and we wouldn’t want that, would we?” Jose assured.
Leandro answered Jose with a crushing kiss.
This felt different, Jose thought. Leandro’s kiss was more passionate and hungrier than he had remembered. And his body felt sleeker, hotter, and meatier under his fingertips than ever before. The only thing that had changed was that he was now a vampire, or well on his way at least. Jose’s brain exploded, kissing Leandro back and drinking him in.
Through the kiss, Leandro asked the question Jose had longed to hear. “I need to fuck you, to make love to you. Can you do that for me?”
“Yes,” Jose squeaked out, excited and nervous at the same time. He wasn’t that experienced in bottoming. And Leandro was big. And long. And fat.
Positioning himself in the center of the bed and grabbing behind his knees, Jose rolled into a more favorable and accessible position. “Please take me. I want that more than anything right now.” Jose tightened his sphincter, causing his balls to jump and his bud to pulse.
The look that flashed onto Leandro’s face sent chills racing throughout every cell in Jose’s body. It was a look of pure lust wrapped in greed. Jose had never seen that look from him, or anyone, before. Ever. A little voice in his head sang out. Uh-oh.
Leandro took what Jose was serving. Inching closer, he grabbed his oozing cock and pushed it against Jose’s hole. Encircling with his plump head and making Jose slick, he reached up and cupped Jose’s chin. “This means a lot,” he said with a growl. “And I will be careful. I don’t want to hurt you unless you want me to.” His dark brow arched as he gazed from under his thick, coal-black lashes.
Jose took in a shuddering breath and nodded. “Do it. I need you.”
Leandro guided the head of his cock in, slowly at first so Jose could adapt, intuitively knowing that he needed to be careful. Inch by inch, he filled Jose’s carnal desire, stretching him only as an expert lover could.
Jose squeezed his eyes shut as tears of pleasure and pain pricked at the corners. Breathe, he reminded himself as he opened his legs further apart allowing Leandro to come closer. Opening his eyes, he felt hot tears spill onto his cheeks. Leandro leaned in and kissed them away.
As Leandro started his sweet ride, Jose opened his eyes to see his lover’s gaze searing into him, feeling his intensity.
He kissed and chewed at Jose’s bottom lip, slicing into his tender flesh. Jose licked at his lips, tasting his own blood, the sweet and salty taste fueling his desire to get fucked harder. “Go deeper,” he choked out. “I’m okay…and ready.”

Interested in more? Want to check out book 1 or 2? You can find all of Alex's books HERE. 

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Tattoo Tuesday- 14

Welcome to Tattoo Tuesday
I've selected a few of my all time favorites for this week... enjoy!

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Sensual Saturday- Cristal Ryder

I'm thrilled to be here at Lea’s blog. I come bearing some hot stuff too - a little bit of loving. I hope you enjoy this snippet from Rock-Hard Heat. Chet and Jenna really know how to heat things up in the Colorado mountains. Their loving is pretty steamy and I can't give you the smoking snippet because it’s a bit of a spoiler ;)

Jenna turned to face him as the searing path of his mouth followed her jawline. She wanted his kiss and met him with a fiery passion she knew would never die. Jenna wound her arms around his neck and opened her mouth, encouraging him to deepen the kiss. His tongue met hers and they moaned into each other. His palms slipped down her back and cradled her ass.
Chet lifted her with ease and she wrapped her legs around his hips, hooking her ankles behind his butt. Jenna wasn’t chilled any longer. Their closeness, the skin-to-skin contact chased the coolness of the mountain creek away. Passion warmed the water between them and they slid against each other. His chest hair tickled her breasts and the sweet friction against her nipples had them tightening into aching buds. Jenna pulsed her hips and his cock glided deliciously between her pussy lips, driving her to distraction.
Chet thrust against her and she couldn’t bear another moment of not having him fill her. Jenna tipped her hips until his cock head pushed at her opening.
“Oh baby,” she murmured against his lips as they both thrust and he slid into her, filling and stretching her wide. He shuddered in her embrace and Jenna held him tight with her arms and legs as he began a rhythm that allowed them a slow, comfortable fuck in the water. The buoyancy posed a slight problem but the sweetness of their loving and the heat of their passion brought them fulfillment in the pool of Gold Creek.

Unable to stay away from her sexy cowboy, Jenna flies back to him and the Colorado Rockies. A part of her stayed in the wild and rugged west after she left and she wants to rekindle their passion. And uncover the potential riches hidden in this majestic landscape.

Chet sets out to mine a special place in Jenna’s heart with love and their undeniable chemistry. Their steamy affair has Jenna searching for more than gold in the mountains—she wants Chet’s rock-hard love, anywhere she can get it.

You can find me at:

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Demystifying the Male- 3

Happy Thanksgiving!

This weeks questions are on the lighter side.  

Also, the guys won't be around to answer follow up questions. Anything you post will get answered later in the week.

What are you most thankful for right now in your life?

Justin: I am thankful for my family and life in general. Everyday, I remind myself how lucky I am to just be alive and have a beautiful and healthy family.

Jose: My beautiful daughter and strong single mother!!! Hands Down!!!!

What it is (honestly) that attracts a man to a specific woman when faced with an array of women to hit on. 

Jose: What attracts me to certain woman start with face, and then off course their assets (tits and ass) I am more of an ass man, especially if it’s just on the fucking side only. If she know what she wants to DO is always a BIG TURN ON!!!

Justin: We all have our preferences and what turns us on. Some people settle for what they feel they can obtain. Others go after the girls that make them just melt. It's all about the chemistry.

My fearless, mostly permanent men, o' the hour are:
Justin Whitfield, one of our resident Cavemen, author and bar owner of The End Zone Sports Bar and Grill. If you haven't read Take It Off! check it out on Amazon, B&N and Ellora's Cave.
Jose from Ellora's Cave and the Cave Chaos Radio

If you have other questions you'd like to posed in an up coming segment, leave me a comment, shooting me an email or finding me on Facebook or Twitter. I'll make sure your questions are answered. Make sure you come back and visit every Thursday for another installment.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sensual Saturday- Alex Carreras

Welcome one of my author friends and check out his sexy snippet below. Alex writes very sweet, loving M/M erotic romance.
From inside, he heard Adam rustle in their bed, his soft sighs and murmurs making him grow hard.
After being single and nursing a broken heart for over two centuries, Emerico was sent Adam, the reincarnated Aznar Galindez, the Count of Aragon, vampire hunter and love of his life. Recently made to turn into a vampire, Adam was his, heart and soul, forever. And unlike Aznar, Adam decided to drink Emerico’s blood, starting the process of becoming reborn as a dweller of the night for all of eternity, choosing to leave his human self behind.
Stepping inside and fully opening the balcony doors to let in the cool night air, Emerico slid into bed and into the warm arms of his lover. He brushed a kiss onto his forehead as he reached down and filled his fist with Adam’s semierect cock. Adam grew under his touch, opening his hazel eyes. “Good morning…I mean good evening?” Adam mumbled, correcting.
Emerico kissed and tasted his lips. They were warm and still part human. “How about hello, you hunk of a vampire? That greeting would work for me.” Emerico chuckled through a kiss, still stroking Adam’s silken shaft.
“And this greeting works for me.” Adam darted his eyes southward, and a sexy smirk played across his lips, referring to Emerico’s skillful and loving manipulations.
“It does look like it’s working for you.”
They kissed, and Adam enveloped Emerico into his strong arms, moaning into the darkness. “That feels so good. I never want you to stop. Ever.”
Emerico tightened his grip, feeling the pulsing veins engorged with blood under his fingers, Adam’s cock expanding past his previously mortal capacity into a vampire’s capacity, vampires well known for being more generously endowed than their human counterparts. “Have you noticed how you’ve grown and how hard you get since my blood has mixed with yours?” Emerico asked. “Soon you will be complete. Your human cells transitioned into vampire cells. Into mine.”
“When will that be exactly?” Adam asked.
“There is no exactly. You will just know.”
“I’ll have to take your word for it, I guess,” Adam answered, rolling over and kicking away the sheets tangled between his legs. “But now, I want you to take me. Like you did when I was human and like I am now.” He arched his back, serving up his muscular mounds covered in a fine, downy fur trailing along the cleavage. “Will you do that for me?”
As if I would refuse.
Upon request, Emerico reached for Adam’s ass cheeks and pulled them apart, driving his tongue deep into his tight and pulsing bud. The fleshy, pink bud quirked at his lingual touch as Adam’s delectable taste hit Emerico’s tongue. “Mmm,” Emerico moaned, savoring the moment.
Adam arched his back even more, pushing his mounds into Emerico’s face. He lapped, burying his face as far into Adam’s cleavage as much as he could. This time, Adam moaned.
“Fuck me, babe. I need to feel you deep inside me, filling me to capacity with your big cock.” Adam’s request came out in little sobs.
In a split second, and unable to hold his passion at bay any longer, Emerico tore out of his silk pajama bottoms and suspended himself over Adam, watching his lover’s muscular back and ass cheeks ripple in the moonlight. Finding his target, he guided his hard-as-concrete cock into Adam’s hole, pausing for only a split second so Adam could adapt to his meaty head, but then, greedily, he pushed his full length and girth in with one swift thrust, expelling all the oxygen from Adam’s lungs. Slowly pumping, Emerico dropped his head and nuzzled into Adam’s ear. “Is this what you wanted? What you live for? Would die for?”
Adam whimpered into his pillow. “Yes.”
 Oh, what a sexy teaser... want to read more? Check out Adam Resurrected here:
Interested in Alex's other books? Check him out here (My favorite is Cruising with Destiny)

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Demystifying the Male- 2

Welcome to week two. I polled a bunch of crazy authors and readers for questions we most wanted someone of the male persuasion to answer. They had many that were sexually related, but there were a few questions that were just normal "why" questions for the guys to answer.

How can men go days without showering and think it's perfectly fine?

Justin: Can't help here. I have to bathe before bed every night. 

Jose: That’s definitely not me. I am a clean freak, I need my balls and ass cleaned. I know plenty guys that think they can do that, maybe ya'll ladies need to tell them NO HEAD OR SEX TILL THEY WASH UP. lol

What is it about anal sex that draws guys? The tightness? The naughtiness?

Justin: Anal sex with a girl is a fun, change of pace kind of thing for me. The tightness is a plus for sure but the knowledge that the girl is letting me penetrate her that way is more of a turn on. 

Jose: I really don't know, I only got to put it in a female twice never got to do the big finish. I need to find some lady that love anal so I can get the deed done to answer the question. lol

What does a male orgasm actually feel like, from beginning to end?
Taylor: When the moment comes my heart races and my dick gets harder with every thrust. My toes curl and my muscles flex . Then, like a dozen electric shockwaves of euphoria pulsing through my whole body I cum over and over until I'm finished . I'm so exhausted from the sex and relaxed from the orgasm that all I can do is lay on my back and try and catch my breath.

Jose: When it starts with foreplay by sucking and rubbing my dick the feeling is just amazing no comparison until you nut (come)!! That is like heaven, lol since that is the greatest place..nutting is the greatest feeling!! Its hard me to explain how it feels cuz i am a simple minded MAN lol

Alex: Orgasms are great but are not created equal. If it is the most self satisfying orgasm (without stress or performance issues) it can make you feel like you are racing toward death. I know that sounds strange but it's true. The second after your brain explodes and a blindness sets in, it's like I'm transported somewhere magical but dangerous as if I am the most beautiful creature hanging over a waterfall suspended by the finest of threads. I can hear my blood and heart in my ears but it sounds like someones else's....almost. I can't speak for all men but for me, orgasm involves the mind, the lungs and of course, the cock. Shudders, shattering, gasping, renewal are all words I've use while explaining the male orgasm....and, oh yeah, coursing up his shaft. 

My fearless, mostly permanent men, o' the hour are:
Justin Whitfield, one of our resident Cavemen, author and bar owner of The End Zone Sports Bar and Grill. If you haven't read Take It Off! check it out on Amazon, B&N and Ellora's Cave.
Jose from Ellora's Cave and the Cave Chaos Radio
This weeks show... Rendezvous and Sexy foods!

Taylor Cole, one of our resident Cavemen, author who worked alongside Justin on Take It Off!, and self-employed hottie.

Alex Carreras, Siren Bookstrand author of MM contemporary and paranormal stories, and all around great guy.

If you ask 'off topic' questions on this blog post, I promise we will get to them in later segments. Feel free to leave the guys questions about their answers above.

If you have other questions you'd like to pose, ask your questions by leaving me a comment, shooting me an email or finding me on Facebook or Twitter. I'll make sure your questions are answered. Make sure you come back and visit every Thursday for another installment.

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The Next Big Thing

Thanks so much to AM Griffin for tagging me in this game, The Next Big Thing
 Writing can be a solitary business, and I’ve found this game useful because I can follow each author’s tags, and trace the authors who have tagged them. It also gave me an opportunity to extend the opportunity to other authors.

The Next Big Thing is a game where authors spend a bit talking about their books, works-in progress, likes and dislikes.

Here is the link for AM Griffin. Don’t forget to check it out. She’s an awesome writer and great talent. Her first book will be out soon through Ellora's Cave, and it absolutely ROCKS! 

So, let’s get to it!

The Next Big Thing... 

 Bound at the Ball

What is your working title of your book?

Bound at the Ball

Where did the idea come from for the book?

Actually, this book was started as a really sexy, smutty version of Cinderella, but the characters wouldn't let me go that way with it. So, it ended up a sci-fi, BDSM-lite book.

What genre does your book fall under?

Sci-fi, BDSM-lite, Erotic Romance

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

Oh, geez... I'm never good at picking actors. But, Sabar is a warrior of the highest caliber, and hot, of course. Rella is a spitfire with long black hair. You can pick actors for me if you'd like. LOL

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

Rella, born to a submissive race, has caught the eye of Sabar, a dominant warrior.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

I'm hoping for Ellora's Cave to pick it up, but its still sitting with my editor. *crossing fingers*


How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

 Honestly, I usually have a couple going at the same time, so perhaps 2 months.


What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
 There have been lots of fairytale spin-offs, but I think I did a unique twist to mine.


Who or what inspired you to write this book?
 Cinderella is the inspiration for this book, but the characters drove it.


What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

It's got everything. Evil sisters, lots of sexy interactions, a servant bent on hurting Rella...


Now for those I tagged. Be sure to check out their The Next Big Thing Blog the week of November 19, 2012.

Sasha Devlin

Piper Trace

Cristal Ryder

Danica Avet


Message for the tagged authors and interested others:
Rules of the Next Big Thing
***Use this format for your post
***Answer the ten questions about your current WIP (work in progress)
***Tag five other writers/bloggers and add their links so we can hop over and meet them.
Ten Interview Questions for the Next Big Thing:
What is your working title of your book?
Where did the idea come from for the book?
What genre does your book fall under?
Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
Who or what inspired you to write this book?
What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?
Include the link of who tagged you and this explanation for the people you have tagged.
Be sure to line up your victims in advance.

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Sensual Saturday- Anya Richards

 Sensual Snippet:

“Did I hurt you?”
He tried to pull away, but she locked her legs around his waist and held him as close as she could. “No, oh no. Vidar, don’t stop.”
But his expression, part concern, part stubbornness, let her know he wasn’t convinced. “I felt it. I felt—”
He shook his head, searching for the words, and she cupped his face, lifted to press her lips to his in a brief, comforting kiss.
“Yeah, you bottomed out.” She couldn’t help a little huff of laughter as his eyebrows rose at the less-than-elegant saying. “But don’t stop. I couldn’t bear it if you stopped now.”
It was a pained growl, and she knew she had him, despite whatever reservations he still had. Nothing wrong with sealing the deal with a little dirty talk.
Still holding his gaze, she lifted her hips as best she could and rocked against him. “I love how it feels to have you inside me. I can feel every inch of you, and every move you make just makes me hotter, wetter, takes me closer to coming.” She licked her lips, saw his eyes flicker down to watch the motion. “Would you leave me hanging, knowing just a little more is all I need?”
Vidar growled, already moving, muscles flexing as he withdrew and then thrust into her again. One hand slicked down to cup her ass, while the other remained entwined in her hair. Enveloped by him, held captive by his strength and focused attention, Jasmina surrendered to the moment—to him. Each plunge and retreat of his cock, every groan and growl Vidar made, took her closer to the edge. Digging her nails into his back, she held on, helpless against the heat in his eyes, the sweet ache of orgasm building deep in her belly.
A roll of his hips made her arch, her head going back as her body strained toward release. It was almost too good, the pleasure flaring hotter and hotter as his thrusts grew shorter, deeper, more intense. She was panting, unable to stop the high, pleading whimpers breaking from her lips. Vidar pressed his mouth to her throat, teeth raking across the sensitive tendons, and his hand tightened on her ass, lifting, changing their positions just slightly.
It was enough—too much.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Author Interview- Cristal Ryder

Please welcome my author friend, Cristal Ryder. She has a new print book releasing today! I asked her a few questions about herself, her habits and, of course, her book. Take a look.

Tell us about your latest book.
Hot Fusion! This book is about reunited love. Set in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, it will tempt your pallet for food, wine and ….wait for it….sex!

It’s one of two stories in Canadian Connections with Ellora’s Cave Author Katheryn Wallis Both Hot Fusion and Letting Jack Watch are contemporary erotic romance originally released under the Oh! Canada line.

After fleeing her hometown years ago, Kara Sinclair has returned to breathe life back into the bakery her deceased grandmother left behind. She has a history in this town—one that involves her one true love. A boy she’d thought she’d give her life to before circumstance got in the way. She needs to focus on her task, but one look at Maxwell Stone and all the old feelings return. And it isn’t long before she can think of nothing else but reigniting the passion they once shared.

Max never understood what drove Kara away all those years ago, and once she returns to their Canadian hometown, he’s hell bent on getting her back into his life…and his bed. But when he uncovers the reason she left him behind, he must decide if he can move on from the past and trust his heart with the only woman he’s ever loved.

Plotter or Pantser?
Panster. All the way. I’ve tried to plot but it just doesn’t work. Although, I have started to write a synopsis after I get an idea and then jump right into the story. Mainly, because I abhor synopsis and want to get it out of the way asap!

Do you have anything in common with your characters?
Last night I was told I bring my own insecurities to some of my characters. I’d never thought of it before, but I can see it now. I’m curious after this revelation to see if my characters may change to a little bit now.

Coffee of tea?
Coffee, but I do love a good cuppa.

Wine or beer?
OMG, BOTH. But, a caveat is the kind of beer and I’m a little fussy on my wine. Not saying I’m a sommelier or anything, but I do have a specific pallet. Love a good pinot grigio or a chateauneuf du pape

What’s the strangest(neatest, coolest, etc) thing you’ve ever done?
Hmmm, lets see....I’ve piloted a plane, scuba’d in the Caribbean and South Pacific, gone up in a fire truck lift bucket at full extension, and a really cool one was sit in the cockpit of a 767 for the last hour of flight and final approach into San Francisco airport, been in a 5.4 earthquake, been on a boat that caught a 6’ shark. Ultimate, given natural birth to my two sons :) proud mama.

What are you currently working on, or what’s on the horizon?
I have numerous on the go. Two more Ellora’s Cave stories have been contracted, Plus one and Keep ’em coming. I have a release from Sybarite Seduction on November 14, Playing through. And working on two full length novels - one a womens fiction. So, busy busy busy.

You can find me at:

An Excerpt From: HOT FUSION
Copyright © CRISTAL RYDER, 2011
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
 “Max. A-are you still marr…” He shook his head and Kara let the word trail away. Relief flooded through her and she didn’t want to press it further right now, or know the reasons he was now single. Time for that later. The fact he was no longer married was all she needed to know.
He gazed at her intently and raised his eyebrows. “Do you want to know why?”
This time Kara shook her head and wagged her finger back and forth. “Not really. At least right now. I just needed to know your, um, situation.”
He sat back and smiled. “Don’t want be the other woman, eh?”
Kara laughed and covered her mouth with her hand, a little embarrassed. “No, definitely not on my bucket list!” She also felt a little ashamed being so thrilled by the news he wasn’t married. Divorce was never easy.
The rest of the afternoon fell to mindless, comfortable banter and Kara’s contentment grew. The stress and hectic days prior began to fade away and she relaxed more as the afternoon wore on.
Kara’s mind began to wander. What would come next? How would they part? Should she ask him to come back and open another bottle of wine? Worry furrowed her brow and she jumped when his hand cupped her shoulder. His fingers traced up the column of her throat and pushed into the curls at her nape, massaging gently. The movement chased the worry from her.
“Mmm, that feels nice.” Kara smiled and faced him. She shivered in delight and he chuckled at her involuntary reaction.
She shook her head and without a second thought leaned toward him. He encouraged her with a gentle pull. Their gazes stayed connected and just before their lips met, Kara’s eyelids fluttered close.
Her breath caught when he kissed her—chaste and gentle, but with an underlying power she longed to unleash. Kara craved it and kissed him back, opening her mouth to dart her tongue out and taste his. He met her with a sudden ferocity that liquefied her insides. She was helpless to him, her muscles slack and weak. If he didn’t have his arm around her, she would have dissolved into a puddle of passion at his feet.
Kara forgot where they were, all sense of place and time vanished. Her hand crept up to the back of his neck and her fingers played with his hair at the nape. Sound faded and Kara was only aware of him, nothing else. She sensed the sexual tension building in him and knew they should slow down before they embarrassed themselves in public. But she couldn’t stop and moved closer to him, needing the feel of his body next to hers.
The sharp ring and vibrating buzz of her cell phone on the metal table pierced the moment and she jolted away, almost panting. Kara couldn’t catch her breath and fumbled to grab the phone and flip it open. It was the bakery number.
“Hel—” Kara cleared the roughness from her throat and glanced at Max, who was flushed and watching her intently. His dark gaze made promises she wanted him to keep. Kara looked away to try to rebalance herself. “Uhm, hello?”
“Hi, Kara.” It was Jilly, one of her co-op students. “Hey, are you all right?”
“Uh, sure. Why?”
“You sound kinda weird.”
Weird? No, just incredibly horny. “What do you need?” she asked a little too harshly and immediately regretted it.
“Oh, anyway, the health inspector is here.”
“What? Holy shit, I completely forgot.” Kara’s passion extinguished as if a bucket of cold water had been sloshed on her. “I’ll be right there.”
Kara quickly gathered her bags and turned to Max. “I gotta go. Totally forgot an appointment.” She cupped his cheek in her palm. “Thank you, it was a great afternoon.”
She stood and ignored the curious looks from the other patrons and dashed from the patio. As she rounded the wall of flowers, she glanced over her shoulder at Max. He leaned comfortably in his seat, his arm once again draped across the back of the chair she had been sitting in. He winked and smiled at her.
Holy crap.
That one simple and utterly sexy look totally reignited her passion for him. How could she possibly concentrate on a boring old health inspector now?