Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Is My Muse a Man?!

I've been thinking about the writing process a lot lately. I've spent some time chatting with other authors and now know that the idea of a muse is pretty normal. I joke, openly when no where near a psych ward, that my characters talk to me. I know that sounds crazy, but in all honesty I'm driven as much by the characters as I am by the need to finish a book. The true driver in the madness known as writing for me is my muse. The book I work on, the way each chapter plays out... all of it is dependent on my muse and 'her' attitude for the day.

This got me thinking. I've always figured my muse was one of my female characters. I've mumbled on many occassion about how fickle and bitchy she could be. But, what if my muse is actually a man. That would explain so much. When was the last time you've spoken to a man at length about anything and had him actually listen? How about getting a man to do what you want in a timely manor without writing out a detailed list? Or, when was the last time your ideas or thoughts were taken into account for a project if a man was in charge? Lastly, when was the last time you could get a man out of his seat when he really wanted to nap or watch a game?

All of these attributes, the stubbornness, lack of communication at times, loss of information in translation, never asking for plot directions... all of them describe my muse perfectly. Now I understand why 'she' has been such a pain to work with... 'she's' a HE.

So, going forward I'm feeding my muse beer and football before I write. I'm going to sit back and let him take the stories where he wants and just clean up the mess after he's had his fun. I'm hoping this revelation helps kick him in the ass enough to finish a book or two soon.

What do you think?

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