Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Twitter Look Challenge!

This morning on Twitter, Stephanie Haefner tagged me in a Tweet for the Look Challenge. Sounded like lots of fun!!

The Look Challenge works this way:

Find the first use of "Look" in your WIP (work in progress) and paste the surrounding paragraph into a blog post.

Tag a string of victims-ehem- friends and fellow writers to participate. If you're not tagged, feel free to participate too!

Fun right? So, from Accidentally Yours, my newest WIP:

 Cammie is a woman ready for a change. Her BF is an ass, abusive and controlling. Ian is a wolf shifter on the run from a single mistake that cost him everything. The passage is about Ron, the abusive asshole of a boyfriend.

Hope you enjoy!

Ron wasn’t model-perfect. He had that hardened, masculine look of a construction worker. Tanned skin, roughened hands and fabulous ass. That first meeting they both had spent some time checking each other out. Eyes burning with lust, skimming each other’s bodies. His shoulders had been so wide the T-shirt had stretched tight across his back. The faded denim of his jeans looked scrumptious on his long legs. He was big, strong and hard. Exactly the way Cammie liked her men.

I'm tagging Carolyn Rosewood, Erin Sanchez, Jason Jaxx and Cassidy Kingston.