Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sensual Saturdays- Another Taste of Destiny 2

Another Taste of Destiny is releasing Wed., October 3rd. To peak your interest, here is another snippet from it in celebration of the coming release (pun completely intended.)

She sauntered into the room, looking around as if she were sightseeing. Dropping her bag on the floor, she turned to face him before pulling the shirt off over her head. Her breasts bobbed gently as they popped free. Her nipples were already pebbled. She threw it on the chair and quickly pulled off her skirt. That went onto the chair as well with a quick flick of the wrist. She kicked off her shoes and climbed into the bed, moving so her ass was on display. With a flip of her hair she looked over her shoulder at him and smiled.
Joe ran his eyes down her body and let out a groan when he finally saw his surprise. She had a bright blue butt plug snugged in her ass. He couldn’t take his eyes off the view. Smooth plastic nestled between her perfect cheeks. She had prepared herself for him as if she’d known what he would want.
“Don’t forget my rules, baby. Put the money on my clothes.” She chuckled as he hissed a curse. She wiggled her ass at him as incentive as he dug into his pocket and pulled out the money. He fanned five twenty-dollar bills and waited for her nod before he folded them and placed them on her discarded clothes.
As quickly as he could he shed his clothes, leaving a trail of fabric from the chair to the bed. He couldn’t take the time to pick them up—he needed to be inside her ass. As he climbed on the bed he groaned again. The sight of that plug in her anus was so erotic. He reached out with shaking fingers and wiggled it just to see how snug it was. She dropped her head and moaned.
“Do you have a condom, baby?” Her voice was muffled from the bedding she was resting her head on.
“Shit, no.” Again he had forgotten. He was more interested in getting his cock in her hot little body than about safety.

Last Saturday's snippet was from Another Taste of Destiny as well. If you're feeling the need to visit with Joe and Destiny a little longer check it out here.

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