Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Alpha in Hiding Releases Tomorrow

Alpha in Hiding releases tomorrow and I am super excited about it. 

Emily and Seth are two of my favorite characters to date, both quirky and strong. Emily is so mentally and physically strong, but so soft emotionally. I loved writing her story. And, poor Seth. He was so weak physically in the beginning that I wanted to slap him. They really work so well together, though, and I can't wait to find out what everyone thinks.

Amazon and Barnes & Nobles have it available for preorder.

Buy for Kindle here.

Buy for B&N here.

Oh, and because I love to share, here's a new snippet:

“I figured out one scent that’s been driving me nuts since this morning.” His voice was deep and compelling. He leaned down and buried his nose in her neck. His breath was hot as he whispered. “You’re hot for me, Emily Prescott. I can smell your need from here. You’ve been wet for me most of the day haven’t you?”
She struggled to back away from him and was astounded when he growled at her. No one growled at her, ever. She stopped moving and pressed her hands against his chest, pushing slowly but with all her strength. The look of amazement that crossed his face when she finally had a few inches between their bodies was priceless, but she wasn’t amused. She was pissed.
“You will back the fuck off right now, Seth.” She pushed enough Alpha power at him to make him listen. She didn’t want to totally break his spirit but he’d overstepped the clear line she’d marked in the sand. Light touching, joking around, trying to get a kiss…okay. Discussing her rampant sexual need for him? Definitely not okay.
“Holy crap. Sorry, Em. I don’t know what got into me. Your scent is just driving me to distraction, not that this is in any way your fault.” She could actually see him get a grip on his mind and begin to stumble all over himself trying to get away from her. Oh hell—now she’d made him feel bad. Freaking shifters. Freaking males.
“Look, no worries. I should feel lucky you’re as gentlemanly as you are.” She could feel a blush pinking her cheeks. Well, lovely. Now he had her blushing.
“Why do you fight it so hard? I mean, I know I want you. You obviously want me. Am I so unappealing that you don’t want me touching you?”
“No, Seth. No. It’s nothing like that.” She rubbed her forehead and tried to deal with the surreal conversation they were going to have. “Do you know how mates are created in the shifter world?”
“Not really. I know my parents were mated.”
“Okay. True mates—not just married couples—are created by a ritual during sex. Each party has to bite the other at the time of orgasm and if they are meant to be mated a bond is formed. A really strong, unbreakable bond. Supposedly it has something to do with genetics and antibodies, or something like that. I haven’t really paid too much attention to the discussions about it.” She watched him closely, looking for understanding to flicker in his eyes. “It’s permanent and completely binding. No one can break it. Well, no one alive can. The only way to sever the bond is through death. The connection is intimate and psychic. You know when I was in your head yesterday? Picture that all the time. Some can learn to shut it off for a while, but it’s a mental connection with your mate that you have for your entire life.”
“Okay, but that doesn’t explain the Alpha push to keep me from kissing you.”
“Well maybe you don’t feel it. My wolf, and to some extent myself, have feelings for you that go way beyond a casual fuck. She wants to mark you, to leave our bite mark on your skin. That’s not a casual thought to a wolf. She’s ready to make you our mate. I’m not interested in a mate—don’t want one and definitely don’t need one.” The venom coating those last words hung between them.
His dark eyes were so intent on her face that she had to look away. Would he see her fears of a future with a male who didn’t love her for her but only for her power? Would he push her to really stop him this time? She dreaded using her powers on him but she couldn’t let them get naked together. She only had so much self-control.
“What are you really scared of?” His question was whispered so low that she wasn’t sure he’d actually said anything until he lifted her face with a finger under her chin. She wanted to fall into his eyes, drown in them. He asked again. “Emily, what are you really afraid of?”

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