Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Alpha in Hiding Release Day

I love release days!

Alpha in Hiding, my paranormal/shifter erotic romance published with Ellora's Cave, released today.

To celebrate I invaded Erin Simone's blog. Come check it out (she's got some extremely HOT male specimens on her page)!

Or, you can check it out on Amazon, B&N or Ellora's Cave.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Alpha in Hiding Releases Tomorrow

Alpha in Hiding releases tomorrow and I am super excited about it. 

Emily and Seth are two of my favorite characters to date, both quirky and strong. Emily is so mentally and physically strong, but so soft emotionally. I loved writing her story. And, poor Seth. He was so weak physically in the beginning that I wanted to slap him. They really work so well together, though, and I can't wait to find out what everyone thinks.

Amazon and Barnes & Nobles have it available for preorder.

Buy for Kindle here.

Buy for B&N here.

Oh, and because I love to share, here's a new snippet:

“I figured out one scent that’s been driving me nuts since this morning.” His voice was deep and compelling. He leaned down and buried his nose in her neck. His breath was hot as he whispered. “You’re hot for me, Emily Prescott. I can smell your need from here. You’ve been wet for me most of the day haven’t you?”
She struggled to back away from him and was astounded when he growled at her. No one growled at her, ever. She stopped moving and pressed her hands against his chest, pushing slowly but with all her strength. The look of amazement that crossed his face when she finally had a few inches between their bodies was priceless, but she wasn’t amused. She was pissed.
“You will back the fuck off right now, Seth.” She pushed enough Alpha power at him to make him listen. She didn’t want to totally break his spirit but he’d overstepped the clear line she’d marked in the sand. Light touching, joking around, trying to get a kiss…okay. Discussing her rampant sexual need for him? Definitely not okay.
“Holy crap. Sorry, Em. I don’t know what got into me. Your scent is just driving me to distraction, not that this is in any way your fault.” She could actually see him get a grip on his mind and begin to stumble all over himself trying to get away from her. Oh hell—now she’d made him feel bad. Freaking shifters. Freaking males.
“Look, no worries. I should feel lucky you’re as gentlemanly as you are.” She could feel a blush pinking her cheeks. Well, lovely. Now he had her blushing.
“Why do you fight it so hard? I mean, I know I want you. You obviously want me. Am I so unappealing that you don’t want me touching you?”
“No, Seth. No. It’s nothing like that.” She rubbed her forehead and tried to deal with the surreal conversation they were going to have. “Do you know how mates are created in the shifter world?”
“Not really. I know my parents were mated.”
“Okay. True mates—not just married couples—are created by a ritual during sex. Each party has to bite the other at the time of orgasm and if they are meant to be mated a bond is formed. A really strong, unbreakable bond. Supposedly it has something to do with genetics and antibodies, or something like that. I haven’t really paid too much attention to the discussions about it.” She watched him closely, looking for understanding to flicker in his eyes. “It’s permanent and completely binding. No one can break it. Well, no one alive can. The only way to sever the bond is through death. The connection is intimate and psychic. You know when I was in your head yesterday? Picture that all the time. Some can learn to shut it off for a while, but it’s a mental connection with your mate that you have for your entire life.”
“Okay, but that doesn’t explain the Alpha push to keep me from kissing you.”
“Well maybe you don’t feel it. My wolf, and to some extent myself, have feelings for you that go way beyond a casual fuck. She wants to mark you, to leave our bite mark on your skin. That’s not a casual thought to a wolf. She’s ready to make you our mate. I’m not interested in a mate—don’t want one and definitely don’t need one.” The venom coating those last words hung between them.
His dark eyes were so intent on her face that she had to look away. Would he see her fears of a future with a male who didn’t love her for her but only for her power? Would he push her to really stop him this time? She dreaded using her powers on him but she couldn’t let them get naked together. She only had so much self-control.
“What are you really scared of?” His question was whispered so low that she wasn’t sure he’d actually said anything until he lifted her face with a finger under her chin. She wanted to fall into his eyes, drown in them. He asked again. “Emily, what are you really afraid of?”

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday- Remix

 I've selected Six Sensual Sentences from each of my available books.... hope you enjoy!

Check out HERE
Maggie's Abduction is a sci-fi, erotic romance about a woman, Maggie, who is... you guessed it, abducted. She's taken from Earth and given to an alien male as a distraction, a play thing. His race believes that females are submissive in and out of bed. She has to learn quickly how to behave appropriately. She does find herself being punished publicly for speaking out of turn. Here are the six sentences for Maggie:

Maggie squeaked as her world tumbled. She realized that Raharan had flipped her over and she lay on her stomach on the edge of the table. Shock stilled her limbs for a moment while she processed what he had said. He was going to take her in front of his males, right here in the cafeteria, as her punishment for some boundary she had unknowingly overstepped. She was naked and being held down by the male that claimed her,. He was stronger, bigger, and at the moment angered beyond reason. 


Check out HERE
Half in Love is a paranormal story about a shifter female, Willimena, who is partially changed as a teenager. Willie is a loner, straddling two worlds because of her shifter and vamp natures. Neither group wants her, and most often try to kill her if they find her. One night she stumbles across a male vampire who seems to be incapacitated. She so wants to run, but finds she is drawn to him. Here are the six sentences for Willie:

Liquid lust flowed through her body, pooling in the apex of her thighs. Her pussy clenched and heated. With the first draw of blood from the puncture wound at her neck, she felt a climax build. With the second slow suckling against her skin, her orgasm exploded. A moan escaped her lips as she melted against his body. She shivered when his tongue swiped over the punctures, sealing them. 

Check out HERE

 Cain was designed in a lab to be used as a super warrior called a Genophyte. Genophytes are programmed with military training, psychic powers, and diminished emotions.

After buying out his contract with the company that built him, he uses the talents, including his empathic abilities, to run his own security firm. He was built without emotions, but that all changes when a dream shows him a female, Samantha, who needs his help. A glitch in his programming makes him susceptible to a primitive possessiveness when he meets the one female that can deal with his issues. From the moment he first sees her, he desperately wants her. His firm receives a call from her father. Sam was kidnapped and held for ransom. Cain and his employees are hired to fix the botched attempt to get her back.

Their happiness rides on Cain’s ability to find her in time:

She threw her head back and let a moan escape, dragging an answering moan from his lips. He growled deep inside his chest as he leaned forward and licked her neck. She whimpered as he slowly pulled out. When he thrust back into her with enough force to push her up the wall, she slid one hand down to rub her own nub. He could feel her channel clenching, grasping, milking. An orgasm was already clenching her muscles.


Check out HERE
Heather’s marriage is on the rocks and she knows it. Ever since she told her husband Mick that she craved domination in the bedroom, he’s been secretive and strange, spending his evenings away from home. All Heather’s expecting as a Valentine’s Day surprise is divorce papers.

So when she comes home from work to find Mick randy and ready to go with a kinky box of tricks, Heather can hardly believe her luck. Mick has mastered his reluctance to dominate his wife—and now he’s going to master her.:

The next sensation of heat surrounded a nipple and she cringed, waiting for the pain, but then she realized it was his mouth. A soft moan escaped her lips. His tongue flicked teasingly over her nipple and he sucked it into his mouth. With a quick tug on the clamp he moved away, taking his heat with him.
Hot wax dripped along one thigh from hip to knee in fast droplets that seared her skin and sent more heat through her. She could feel wetness pooling at her opening, dripping down her crack, wetting the sheet, but couldn’t even feel embarrassed about it.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sensual Saturday- Cain's Salvation

  I'm revisiting one of my favorite stories this week for Sensual Saturday. 
Cain's Salvation is the first in the Genophyte series with Siren Bookstrand. The second book, Adam's Redemption, is in the works and I hope to have it done in the next couple of months.
The Blurb:
[Siren Classic: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Romance, HEA] Cain was designed in a lab to be used as a super warrior called a Genophyte. Genophytes are programmed with military training, psychic powers, and diminished emotions. After buying out his contract with the company that built him, he uses the talents, including his empathic abilities, to run his own security firm. He was built without emotions, but that all changes when a dream shows him a female, Samantha, who needs his help. A glitch in his programming makes him susceptible to a primitive possessiveness when he meets the one female that can deal with his issues. From the moment he first sees her, he desperately wants her. His firm receives a call from her father. Sam was kidnapped and held for ransom. Cain and his employees are hired to fix the botched attempt to get her back. Their happiness rides on Cain’s ability to find her in time.
Here is a sexy snippet from Cain's Salvation to warm your hearts and other body parts! :o)

Cain walked to the edge of the bed, intent on burying himself in the warmth he instinctively knew was waiting for him. He watched Samantha stroke a hand down her own belly, drawing goose bumps from her skin. She slowly reached down her body and parted her pussy lips with her fingers. With slow, languid circles she rubbed her clit. She dipped a finger into her opening, and threw her head back with a sigh. Her other hand massaged a breast. She moaned as she rolled and tugged at the nipple. She opened her eyes and looked right into his soul.
“Please, Cain, I need to feel you inside me. Don’t make me wait,” she breathed out, just above a whisper. Her gray eyes shined with passion.
“No worries, love. I’ll be buried so deep inside you in a few minutes you won’t know where you end and I begin.” He climbed onto the bed, stalking her on all fours. He felt predatory, feral with need. He could smell her arousal perfuming the air and it was driving him crazy. He bent down and kissed her lightly on the lips, stroking them with his tongue until she opened for him. He stroked his tongue into her mouth, caressed hers and dragged a soft sigh from her lips. He moved his mouth over her chin and down her neck, breathing her scent in. She smelled of warm woman and almond soap. When she leaned her head back to give him access to her throat, he licked down the column of her neck and nuzzled her shoulder. He bit her lightly, moving his tongue over the skin clamped between his teeth. The moan that escaped her throat made his cock throb.
He kissed the place he had bitten and leaned back to watch her face. Her eyes were closed and a slight smile tilted the corners of her mouth. He fought the urge to lean down and capture her lips once more. He wanted to be buried balls deep into her body, to feel the heat and tightness of her pussy milking his cock. “Now, roll over and show me that lovely ass of yours.”
Samantha opened her eyes and grinned. She slowly rolled over, keeping eye contact with him.  She got on hands and knees, spreading her legs. She leaned down and placed her head on the bed, moaning as he rubbed a hand over her lower spine and ass. She leaned back into his hand and wiggled slightly, giggling when he gave her a light smack. The giggles dissolved into a moan of pleasure when he moved his hand down and under her mound, pressing firmly against her folds. He nearly came when he felt the wet heat against his palm. Her skin was so soft and slick with her passion.
Cain moved between Samantha’s knees. He could feel the heat radiating off her body, pulsing against him. Her skin was smooth and soft under his calloused hand. He slowly ran his hands up her outer thighs, and grasped her hips. He kneaded her flesh, grinning at the whimper that escaped her lips. He pulled her back against his cock, nestling himself in her slick folds. Pumping his hips, he enjoyed the slick glide of his cock through her juices. “Oh, God, you’re so wet for me. What do you want, Samantha? What do you want me to do to you?”
She moaned and shoved back against his groin, wiggling her pussy against his cock. “Fuck me, Cain. Make me come with you inside me.”
Her plea pushed him closer to the building release. That vulgar request from her beautiful lips was too much. He leaned back and ran a finger down her ass, lightly circling her anus and moving lower until he could plunge his finger into her wet opening. The whimper that escaped her was animalistic. He couldn’t wait any longer. He grabbed her hips and positioned the crown of his shaft at her opening. With a slick slide, he entered her to the hilt. They both groaned as he filled her. With her channel tightly wrapped around his shaft, shivers raced down his spine. He could feel slight tremors massaging his dick as he slid out of her warmth and rammed himself back in.
Cain wrapped his arm around her waist and slid two fingers into her folds, finding her swollen clit. He rubbed the nub with fast, tight circles, driving her toward her climax as he pounded into her pussy. He could feel her clit hardening, and her muscles tightened as she got closer. She mewed softly as she pushed back against his hand.
“Come for me. I want to feel you come around my cock,” he growled as he thrust into her. He smiled as she keened and her muscles clamped down on his cock. She came fast and strong, milking his shaft as he held himself deep inside her channel. He threw his head back and moaned as she tightened around him, forcing his release.
He tumbled both of them to their sides, pulling her snugly against his chest. He buried his nose in her hair and savored the smell that was uniquely Samantha’s. He closed his eyes in sated bliss, feeling both of their heart rates slowing.
“You can call me Sam, by the way. I don’t normally go by Samantha,” she said after she yawned. She wiggled closer into Cain’s arms. “I haven’t been called Samantha so much since I was a little kid.”

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cover Reveal- Another Taste of Destiny

My first EC for Men:
Another Taste of Destiny

Joe is blown away by the vision of slutty perfection. After a mind-blowing experience, can he forget her or will he need another taste of Destiny?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Author Interview- Carolyn Rosewood

I love having authors on my blog. Today Carolyn Rosewood is hanging out and celebrating the release of her latest book, Seducing the Chambermaid.

The year is 1936. Hitler has declared war on Europe, organized crime controls most of America’s large cities, and Prohibition has been repealed. In Chicago, a young woman whose father is a bookie for mob boss Frankie Fillipone finds a satchel full of jewelry in an alley. She knows it’s probably a drop and should just leave it alone, but she’s desperate to get away from the life of crime her father leads, and a man named Lenny Wilson. Lenny is twice her age, smells like boiled cabbage, and has set his sights on Blair as a wife. If she could just pawn a few pieces of the jewelry, she’d have money for a train ticket to anywhere but Chicago…

Book 2 of my Notorious Nephilim series, SEDUCING THE CHAMBERMAID, begins as Blair has fled her father’s home after Frankie’s men come looking for her. She ends up at Lilith’s Playground, an exclusive resort in Fox Lake Illinois, where the twelve mysterious owners cater to their guests’ EVERY desire. They take Blair in without question and give her a job as a chambermaid.

When Blair accidentally takes an expensive necklace from a guest’s room, and two of the owners catch her with it, she spills her guts about Frankie and the jewelry. They aren’t entirely convinced of her innocence, and rather than fire her, they make her pay off the debt…in their beds.

Chambermaid Blair Lorring thought taking the satchel of jewelry she found in an alley was her ticket to freedom, but now she’s hiding out at an exclusive resort, with a mob boss chasing her. When she’s caught with an expensive necklace belonging to a guest, two of the resort’s mysterious owners make her pay off the debt in their beds.

 Leo Fallon and Andras Neville are Nephilim who’ve been imprisoned on Earth for 15 years, and unless they fall in love with a mortal woman, they’re destined to live out eternity indulging in their favorite vices with no permanent satisfaction. Secretly, each man longs for true love.

When they seduce Blair, hope begins to build. But will she believe their story and accept them on such terms? Or will the men chasing her ruin their business and kill Blair? 

ADULT EXCERPT: What the hell was she doing? These men were her employers. But she’d never felt anything so wonderful or tantalizing. Why had no one told her making love could be so intoxicating? She wanted to remember every delicious second of this, but she had trouble forming a coherent thought. These two men held her spellbound and confused her thoughts. It was as if she had become a different person under their touch. She was now a woman who was no longer afraid of men. Blair felt powerful and sexy for the first time in her life, and she loved it. She wanted more of it.
Andras released her mouth and ran his tongue down her neck and across her collarbone. As he reached under her chest and began to unbutton her blouse, she had a momentary flash of trepidation, but one look in his eyes and that emotion drifted away like the wisp of a long-forgotten dream.
Leo lifted her skirt slowly. He caressed her thighs as Andras continued with the buttons on her shirt. “Blair Lorring,” he said, chuckling. “You aren’t wearing any stockings.”
“Too uncomfortable.” She knew it was expected that the chambermaids wear them, but no one paid any attention to her while she worked. As far as she knew, this was the first time anyone had noticed she performed her duties barelegged.
“Not to mention inconvenient.” Leo ran his hands up her legs again, and Blair shivered. She moaned as he palmed her pussy and cupped it, like it was a treasure he wanted to hold.
“Stand up for a second,” said Andras. Blair stood, and Andras removed her blouse. He stared at her bra then lifted his gaze to her eyes. “And no corset or girdle either. You are a wanton woman, Blair.”
She shook her head. Should she tell them she was a virgin? “No, I’m not. I assure you. I just hate wearing all those undergarments.”
Andras smiled. “I’m teasing you, Blair.” He kissed her again, and when he took her breasts in his hands, Blair groaned loudly into his open mouth. His touch was gentle but more arousing than anything she’d ever experienced. Images of his hands and mouth on every inch of her body filled her head, and she pushed her tongue into his mouth.
Leo rubbed her pussy through the cotton panties, from her sensitive nub to the crack of her ass. Blair’s legs trembled. She wanted to beg both of them to touch her bare skin, but wasn’t sure what to say or how to ask. She’d never gone this far with any man and wondered why she wasn’t afraid right now. Her body shivered with molten desire and a longing she didn’t have words for.
Andras reached around and unclasped her bra at the same time Leo slid down her panties. She stepped out of them, her eyes closed and one hand on Andras’s shoulder for balance.
“Blair, please look at me.” Andras’s voice, soft and tender, made her breath hitch in her throat. He shook his head slightly as his gaze traveled over her face and breasts. “You’re beautiful.”
She wanted to thank him but all that came out when she opened her mouth were short gasps. He and the Leo were the beautiful ones. Blair had never seen such gorgeous men. Would they think she was being silly if she told them that? She had no idea what one said to a man—or two, for that matter—in the middle of a seduction.
Leo massaged her ass cheeks and she groaned again. “We aren’t finished with your spanking, Blair.”
“Oh…” His words sent a fresh gush of wetness to her pussy. When he lightly smacked each naked ass cheek several times, Blair leaned against Andras for support. Andras tossed her bra on the floor and cupped her breasts. He squeezed them, teasing her nipples with his thumbs. Blair heard whimpering sounds and realized they were coming from her. She’d never have believed being intimately touched by a man would feel so incredible.
“Get back over my knee,” said Leo, his voice thick and raspy. Blair positioned herself over his leg again and tears stung her eyes as he continued to spank her, but not because her ass cheeks were on fire. She was overwhelmed at the raw lust racing along her nerve endings. She’d never felt anything like it and didn’t want it to stop.
Andras played with her nipples and kissed her neck as Leo held her down and continued to smack her ass cheeks, harder now. It stung like crazy, but each time he struck her, the tingling from her nipples to her clit sent her mind reeling. She rubbed her pussy against his leg, no longer embarrassed. All she wanted to do was come. Andras pinched her nipples and nipped at her neck, and Blair cried out as the climax drew close.
“That’s enough for right now,” said Leo. Blair groaned out loud. She’d been so close. Why had he stopped? He pushed her thighs apart, and she hoped he wouldn’t be upset when he realized she was a virgin. As he started to slip a finger inside her wetness, she tensed at the sharp prick of pain. It was over in a second, and then the most delicious sense of peace enveloped her, as if every desire she’d ever had came true at the same time.
Leo moved his finger in and out slowly while Andras took one nipple into his mouth. Blair cried out when Leo’s thumb grazed her clit. He rubbed it gently, and the competing sensations of her building orgasm and the electric jolts traveling from her nipples straight to her pussy were too much. Blair shook her head back and forth, no longer caring what happened. If they fucked her silly on this sofa she would welcome it. Anything, as long as these two lust-filled, beautiful men kept touching her body.

If you are interested in Carolyn's other books, check out her author page HERE.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Author Interview- Sue Lyndon

I had the great opportunity to interview Sue Lyndon about her newest release, Dark Without You.
Tell me a little about where your idea for Dark Without You came from.
About a year ago, I’d just finished A Firm Husband and Karyn and the Crigon and was setting out to write another spanking romance novella.  I’d already covered historical with A Firm Husband and fantasy with Karyn and the Crigon, and I was itching to write a contemporary spanking romance novella.  Dark Without You came to me in a writerly vision and the kinky shenanigans between Alice and Andy began.

What types of research did you do for both the story and the spanking/domestic discipline?
I’ve been reading spanking romances and bdsm erotic romances for years and years, as well as many blogs by people who participate in these lifestyles.  There are many different takes on domestic discipline and D/s relationships, but when I set out to write a story with these elements I simply include what works best for my characters at the time.  But the bottom line (pun totally intended) is that their relationship must evolve into a loving one full of trust and respect.

Who is your favorite character in the book, and why.
I would have to say Alice, the heroine, is my favorite character in Dark Without You.  She’s had a rough childhood because her parents died in a car accident when she was a teenager and she was then adopted by her emotionally distant brother.  Because of this, she’s rebellious and keeps people at an arm’s length, love interests included.  I love how Alice slowly begins to heal during Dark Without You, especially how she responds when Andy won’t let her get away with her self-destructive kind behavior any longer.

What was the best line, in your opinion, from the book?
Oh man, I can’t pick a best line…but how about a favorite excerpt?  Here it is:
Alice accepted another shot from Derrick and immediately felt someone’s hot breath on her neck. “That’d better be your last drink tonight, young lady.” Her stomach dropped to the floor. It was Andy. Of course it was Andy. Who else could turn her insides to mush with a firm command? 

The bus came to a stop just as she turned to face him. “You can’t boss me around anymore, Andy Steele.” She performed an elaborate toast in the air before downing the shot in one swallow.
The air sizzled between them as they remained locked together against the table, while the others filed out of the bus. Alice was spellbound under his disapproving gaze, but managed to stand her ground without looking down. 

He leaned forward to speak directly into her ear, as was his longstanding habit. “I wouldn’t be so sure, Alice Grove. I’ll be watching you.”

What scene was the hardest to write?
I don’t want to give too much away, but there’s a very emotional scene towards the middle of the book between Andy and Alice after he punishes her for something.  I must have double checked this scene a million times to make sure I had it perfect!

What is your favorite scene between the hero and heroine?
Hmm…well there is this naughty scene with a thermometer.  That’s all I’m going to say about it here, muhaha

If you could be any character in the book, who would it be, and why?
Oh that’s easy:  Alice.  A hot drummer who likes to spank is in love with her.  Enough said.

Now, why do you write spankilicious stories? 
The first erotic stories I ever read were spanking stories I found on the internet way back in the day.  I was like a kid in a candy store when I discovered those websites and newsgroups.  I began my writing career with science fiction and fantasy stories, but then one day I decided to take the leap and write a story like one of those spanking stories I loved so much.  I also enjoy reading and writing bdsm romances.

Thanks for having me today, Lea

Dark Without You is available on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, and Are.

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Tattoo Tuesday- 6

 Bicep and shoulders? Oh, yah, baby. Enjoy a few from my collection on Pinterest.