Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Valentine Master releases tomorrow!

Valentine Master releases tomorrow through Ellora's Cave

It's a story of love, submission, and devotion within a marriage. Heather needs domination in the bedroom, Mick isn't sure he can deliver but he is determined to try.

Check out the "Coming Soon" page

Here is an excerpt from Valentine Master.

Heather scrambled to do as she was told. Moving with her hands bound together was a challenge, but she loved the feeling of being restricted. Her hands shook with tension and arousal. Each time she tried to do something and tugged on the restraints she got a little hotter, a little wetter. When she pulled the blankets back she noticed there were towels laid out on the bed. She quirked an eyebrow and glanced at her husband. When he did nothing but look at her with increasing irritation, she climbed onto the bed and positioned herself as instructed. She closed her eyes and breathed a sigh of contentment. Just the feel of the leather snugly wrapped around her wrists sent a shiver through her body. She opened her eyes and watched her husband attach a strap to her wrist cuffs. She gave a slight tug just to feel the lack of movement afforded by her restraints. Muscles relaxed that she hadn’t even known were tense as she felt her control slipping. The knot in her stomach from the stress of the week started to unravel. With each exhalation she melted further into the mattress. Her whirling thoughts started to slow, quiet invaded her mind . A sigh escaped her lips.

With interest, Heather opened her eyes to watch her husband dip his hand into the box of treasures. A thrill went through her body as a long, black silk scarf came slithering out, wrapped loosely around his fist.

“Close your eyes, pet. I’m taking away your sense of sight.” He slowly slid the cool silk across Heather’s breasts, then gently wrapped it around her eyes and tied it. “Can you see anything, Heather?”

Thanks for visiting. I'll be over at Hennessee Andrew's blog tomorrow celebrating the release!

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