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Shifter vs Vamp... The Interview
  Kelli Scott and I interviewed two of our paranormal heroes. We hope you enjoy the chat we had with them.

Lea: I wanted to thank Grant for letting us hold our interview at his lovely resort in Mystic Springs. It's absolutely beautiful here. Kelli and I thought it would be fun to get the two of you together and chat about your stories, your likes and dislikes, that sort of thing. Why don't you introduce yourselves and tell us something about you.

Nick: Lea and Kelli, it is a great honor to be interviewed by you lovely ladies. *turning to Grant and nods* Shifter. *turning back to Lea* My name is Nickola, but you may call me Nick. As you both know, I am vampire and have been for some time. I currently live in Buffalo, New York, but I am sure that will change eventually.

Grant: *clears throat* It’s my pleasure to have you all here in Mystic Springs. If you think the scenery is beautiful now, you should see it during the day. *eyes Nick critically before turning back to Lea* My name is Grant. Grant Grayson. I’m the mayor of Mystic Springs, Washington. And as the vamp—I mean Nick said, I’m a wolf shifter. Always have been. Always will be. Proud of it.

Kelli: I have a question. *raises hand* Is it true there is bad blood between vampires and shifters? And if so, what started the feud?

Grant: I got this. *turns to Nick* If you don’t mind me going first. *Nick dismisses him with a wave of his hand* The hostility originated back in the old country. No one even knows what started the dispute. But we’ve evolved over the centuries—as men *glances at Nick* or whatever. And here we are, a shifter and a vampire sitting down together without being at each other’s throats, so to speak. That’s progress.

Nick: *nods* That sums it up nicely. I’ve found over my many years that most shifters are acceptable people. I know some of my kind have not forgiven the actions of the furry ones, but I can’t hold a grudge for something not done directly to me. *shrugging* Now I have Willie to content with if I start complaining about anyone that has an animal side.

Lea: I want to know about what is true or myth regarding your races. Vampires and shifters have been getting a lot of press lately between movies and books. So, Nick let’s start with you. Reflections, flying, blood drinking?

Nick: Hmm, you know some of these things I am not allowed to answer. I can give you the PR’s version, if you would like. *sighing* Vampires are genetically altered humans. Yes, we all started as a human. Through a process, which I cannot explain here, a human is injected with a virus. Over a very short period of time the virus spreads and changes a person into vampire. *turning slightly and addressing Grant* Don’t you hate when humans ask you these questions? Drives me insane. Same questions over and over again. *turning back to Lea* I drink blood, can eat if I want to, but my body can’t breakdown or absorb food any longer. I can’t fly, although that would be wonderful. I can have pictures taken and see myself in the mirror. I haven’t become magical, I’m just changed at the cellular level.

Lea: Well, didn’t need the attitude, Nick. Remember I’m working on your second book. *turning to Grant* How about you? What do we *using air quotes* ‘humans’ get right, and wrong, about shifters?

Grant: Contrary to popular belief, I am not a monster. I am a human, Lea. Very human. *Grant and Nick fist bump* I’m not a werewolf either. Let’s say I bit you. *Lea looks at him warily* I wouldn’t, of course. But if I did, you wouldn’t grow fur and fangs, howl at the moon and join my pack. Some shifters call the change a curse or a burden. Others consider it a blessing. To me it just is what it is; inconvenient at times, but I’m never happier than when I’ve shed my clothes and I’m free to run wild. Shifting is also genetic. Unlike vamps—*clears throat*—vampires, shifting is something a person is born with. The trait is passed from generation to generation. What’s next?

Kelli: Let’s talk about love. In your opinions, when it comes to destiny and love do you believe there is one true love fated or predetermined for each person…shifter…vampire. Or does every “being” have free will in regards to love?

Grant: I believe in both. I firmly believe I was destined to meet and mate my high school sweetheart, Molly. My first wife. *gets choked up* She was also a wolf shifter. We were so much alike. She finished my sentences for me. Molly was my better half. She made me want to be a better man. After her death, I never thought I’d love again. *Grant pauses, taking in a deep breath, letting it out slowly* Then came Ivy. We are nothing alike. But with that said, she finishes my sentences too, but not the way I’d have finished them. She also challenges me and makes me a better man. A better leader. Hopefully a better husband soon and someday a father. And no, she’s not going to have a litter of puppies, so don’t even ask.

Nick: Nice, man. *nodding at Grant* Vampires tend not to believe in fate. We usually don’t take permanent mates. It’s part of being so long lived. No matter how much you love someone, after hundreds of years sometimes it gets old. I’ve had long term relationships with females throughout my lifetime, but no one struck me like Willie. The minute I saw her, even in a drugged state, I knew she was mine. Something primal took over and I wanted to claim her. *snickering* It took a lot more time to convince her that we were going to be great mates. Now that we are mated, she is my other half. I didn’t know I was incomplete until she strode into my life.

Lea: Wow, guys. *wiping her eyes* That was beautiful. We’ll have to make sure the girls see this interview, they can get all choked up, too. Let’s go with something a little less sappy. What are a couple of changes you’ve had to make going from being a bachelor to having a mate?

Nick: Willie has been a wonderful addition to my life. *clearing throat* She is a bed hog though, and steals the covers whenever we rest together. I’ve also stopped dining out. She prefers to share my meals, so we order in.

Grant: *turns to Nick* While you’re in town, I’d prefer you two take your *makes air quotes* “meals” in the dining hall. *Nick rolls eyes* *Grant turns to Lea* Whether I’m man or mutt, I’m very domesticated, Lea. Being alone, I felt adrift and worked way too much. I feel balance now. And chaos, beautiful chaos, if that makes sense. Ivy is like walking, talking pandemonium. And since she doesn’t clean, and at the request of the Mystic Springs Fire Department, she shouldn’t cook, we’re looking for part time help. *looks at watch* Are we done here?

Kelli: One more question, please. Our fans and readers want to know, do you guys wear boxers, briefs or go commando? And when it comes to sexual positions—what’s your fav? Doggy style? I’m right, aren’t I? It’s doggy style.

Nick: That’s two questions.

Grant: Really, Kelli? You’re going there? I thought we had an agreement. Never mind. *sighs* I wear boxers. And I think you know the answer to that second one. *turns to Nick* Nick?

Nick: *staring pointedly at Lea until she blushes* I thought we weren’t going into anything sexual, Lea. *snorting* Fine. I tend to wear boxers but am fond of commando if the need arises. Sexually. Well, I would say any position that gets me into Willie is my favorite. How is that for an answer? *fist bumps Grant*

Lea: Thanks guys for taking the time to chat. Both of your books are available so people can check them out and read the stories. Kelli, thanks for coming along and getting Grant to spend some time with us. 

 Below are the blurbs and places to find information for both books:

Hair of the Dog- When Grant, mayor of Mystic Springs, asks Ivy to run the Mystic Springs resort, she’s so thrilled, she accepts the job without so much as visiting the town first. Then she arrives and meets Grant—and her goals change. She got her dream job, and now she wants Grant…preferably at her mercy in the bedroom.Grant’s inner animal is desperate to take Ivy. And he’s not joking about the “animal” part—Grant and most of the Mystic Springs residents are shifters. The spring is more than a landmark, it’s the touchstone that grounds their powers and keeps them on the human side of the shifter spectrum. But the spring is running dry…The townspeople are convinced Ivy is the woman who was prophesied to rejuvenate the spring. Local legend is rife with rumors of sex rites that might help, and Grant’s only too happy to give them a go. He just has to convince Ivy that he’s the man—er, wolf?—for her.

Kelli Scott:

Half in Love- Willie Krenshaw wanted nothing more than a few minutes watching the waters of Lake Erie after a long workday. What she ended up with was a drugged male vampire and an itch to be a Good Samaritan. When her inner kitty starts sniffing around at the male she's helping, she knows Fate's evil sense of humor is in full swing. Being a shifter-vampire hybrid is hard enough, but having a male vampire as her fated mate is just too much. Nickola, the vampire she assists, finds her breathtaking and does all he can to push Fate's agenda. Stephen is the male vampire Nickola is investigating for the Council. He takes aim at the couple, intent on pulling Nick to his side or killing him. Between Stephen's scheming and the Council's interest in Willie, can they survive the chaos long enough to test the depths of their passions?

Lea Barrymire:


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