Thursday, June 28, 2012

Character Interview- Cain's Salvation

My newest series follows a group of genetically engineered beings, genophytes, that not only have the psychic powers, but so much more. Cain and a few of his “brothers” run a security company in the mountains of Pennsylvania. They specialize in retrieving ‘lost’ things, be it a human, money or weapons.  The males are super-human soldiers that have been genetically programmed to not feel. Or, at least that is what the scientists tried to accomplish.

Anyway, I sat down with a few of the genophyte males to chat about their lives and what they think of Cain’s defection into mated status.

Lea: Hi, guys. Why don’t you introduce yourselves?

Cain: I’m Cain.
Adam: Hi, I’m Adam.
Hannibal: *waves* Call me Hannibal.

Lea: Okay, boys, you know that isn’t what I meant. Give us a little background information.

Cain: *grinning* You know us, Lea, cut and dry. Okay, I’m an empath and I own Genophyte Security Firm.
Adam: *turning to Cain* That isn’t what she meant and you know it. He’s such a dick. *turning back to Lea* We are all from the first batch of genophytes created. Cain’s been out on his own for a while, I started working for him about 50 years ago and Hannibal came into our happy little group about 30 years ago, right?
Hannibal: Yep, that’s about right.I'm one of the team leads that answer to Dick... I mean Cain. *snickering*
Cain: Hey, watch it there, playboy. When we leave here I can still kick your ass for calling your superior a dick. 
Hannibal: Sorry, boss. Just kidding, right? *grinning*

Lea: This is going to be fun. Alrighty, next question. According to the Genotech pamphlet, you aren't supposed to exhibit any emotions, but as we can all see you at least find things funny. What to explain about your emotional status and how you've changed since being created?

Cain: No. *smiling*
Adam: *smacking Cain’s arm* Stop being an ass. Just because you found your mate, happily-ever-after, and all that bullshit doesn’t mean you get to jerk around the author. Shit, man, what if she kills you off in the next book or something. *sighing* We are not emotionless, although some of us are lacking in that area. We all started off as blank slates. Genotech did try to design us without emotions, but it seems the human genome doesn’t like to have beings without some feelings
Hannibal: Yeah, boss. Don't want to get hurt or seriously screwed over in the next book, right?
Cain: *growling* Hann, man... I'm telling you now, stop talking.

Lea: Cain, maybe we need to get us on something a little nicer? Want to tell us a little bit about Sam?

Cain: Sam is awesome. She’s been working with us for about six months now on our training. She’s a null… um, a psychic void. It’s been really good for us to train with her. Actually she’s been working a lot with Adam on his headache issue.
Adam: That isn’t what Lea meant, dumbass. Sam and Cain are like two love birds. The rest of us are on the verge of vomiting from the lovey-dovey shit. They can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. Ouch. Fuck, Cain, stop hitting me, you know it’s true.
Hannibal: Yeah, I’ve been taking as many missions as I can to keep out of the compound. Cain kicked my ass the other day just because I commented on Sam’s fine ass. I mean, women like compliments, right? I wasn’t going to touch those beautiful globes.
Cain: Shut up, Hannibal, or you’re going to get your ass kicked right here. You don’t talk about her, and definitely don’t look at her ass.

Lea: All right, fellas, calm down. Geez, the testosterone in here is thicker than molasses. So, now that Cain is hooked up with Sam, who’s next to go down the mate route?

Hannibal: Adam
Adam: Hannibal
Cain: *grinning* I was watching Lea’s eyes and she looked at Adam first. *singing* Adam and someone sitting in a tree…

Lea: Cut it out you guys. No one’s going to read your books if you keep this up. One last question, then we can be done. If you could pick a female for yourself, what characteristics would she have?

Cain: Well, seeing I have Sam and she’s perfect I don’t need to answer this one.
Hannibal: I don’t know, and that’s honesty for you. I like females, don’t get me wrong. I love to be in them as far as I can be, but other than a round ass and breasts I don’t really care. I like ‘em soft, more cushion for the pushin’ right?
Adam: *shaking his head* I’m sorry we brought Hannibal with us, Lea, I really am. Forgive his mouth, he has no mind-to-lip filter. I am not looking for a mate, but if I were, I would want someone strong and capable. I don’t coddle, at all. I want someone that can take care of herself and not get in my way.
Cain: *coughing* Bull shit. You wait and see. If you are next you’re going to fall hard and fast for some cute little female.
Lea: I think we’re done here, guys. Thanks for coming out and answering some questions, and if you are going to fight take it outside. I don't need to lose the deposit on the conference room. See you all in the next book! *grinning evilly*

You can find Cain’s Salvation at Siren BookStrand now. If you’d like to read the prologue you can go to


  1. Today's blog worked, and I just went over to Siren and purchased Cain's book. :)