Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wow, check out his.... and other such statements

When you are watching people and scoping out males, what parts draw you most? Is it his eyes, his ass, his package? Do you check out a guys chest before anything else? These are questions that I ask for each of my heroines. Yes, some times they have different answers... call me crazy! :o)

I always wonder what women see in men when they look at them. I know, superficial, but first impressions are important. If you met someone and then had to talk about their physical characteristics what would you remember?

I love a man's eyes. Yes, I'm a sucker for beautiful eyes. I truly believe the eyes are the window to the soul and sometimes there are just those guys that you could really fall for with nothing but a look from them.

Then, of course, I love a man's ass. I'm not talking nude, either. I'm talking hugged in a pair of warn jeans. Give me a firm ass snugged into a pair of jeans and I'll salivate while following those cheeks with my eyes.

I know some women will tell you that a six-pack is what draws them. More power to them if they can actually find a man with a defined six-pack. Give me a man with a wide chest and I'm a happy girl.

Did you notice I never once suggested I'm a package kind of girl?! I'm not. I love looking at men, studying them, observing them, but am a happily married lady. So, do I check out the guys crotch? Nope. I'm looking for eye candy and cocks just don't do it for me. Now, tats, on the other hand, make me hum to myself in appreciation.

So, what's your favorite part to scope out on a man? Did I capture it above? If not, share and maybe I'll find some eye candy just for you! Cheers!


  1. Umm...Lea, You do realize that circle imprint in the back pocket of that pair of jeans isn't a giant condom, right? It's chew. Kiss him and you're going to have a mouth full of tobacco breath, and maybe a leaf or two to chew and spit yourself.

    That being said, I love a good ass, and eyes, and intelligence and ... all the male goodness!


    1. LOL I know its chew... I can't kiss 'em, so I don't care if they are chewing as long as their ass looks like that in jeans. That's the nice thing about being a window shopper... ;o)