Monday, May 21, 2012

Shifters vs Vampires... which one is sexier?

I know, its been done before... a lot, but I wanted my say in the matter. I write both sides of the paranormal coin. In Willie's series I have both vampires and shifters coexisting in the same world, living together even if they aren't really keen on being friends.

Willie, herself, is actually part vamp and part shifter. She is unique in that way, but in her series she not only finds love in the arms of a vampire, but will find love and acceptance in the shifter world as well.

So, which are sexier? Honestly, I think it all depends on how they are written. Any being that has something extra, powers, strength, etc. adds a boost to their sexiness factor. I think that is why I love not only writing but reading paranormal stories. I love the idea of the alpha male being something more. Although, I love giving my females the same boost in powers. Maybe its a throwback to when I was a kid and pretended to have special powers. But the characters have to have some compassion. I don't want to read about a "bad" vamp that is out for nothing but blood. The same is true with a shifter book. I want the relationship, the emotional pull to the heroine. Both vampires and shifters can be sexy as hell, or with a few words thrown together can be a turn off.

Whatever the reasoning behind WHY we all love us some vamps and shifters isn't really the question, at least not in my mind. I want to know which you would want to swoop into your life and take over.

Do you shiver at the idea of a beautiful, strong, dangerous vampire sinking his teeth into a blood vessel? Does the idea of being marked as a shifter's mate by a larger-than-life alpha male turn you on?

If you are a HBO's True Blood fan, then you get to think about those same questions every episode. But, you find that same dilemma in erotic romance books all the time.

So, my vote goes to... both. 

Yes, I can absolutely decide to NOT pick one side. I love both sides for different reasons. What do you think? Can you pick a side?

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