Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cain's Salvation- a excerpt or two

Cain's Salvation is a futuristic erotic romance. Psychic powers, super-human strength, and yummy bodies... what more can you want in a hero?!
Adult Excerpt:
Cain walked to the edge of the bed, intent on burying himself in the warmth he instinctively knew was waiting for him. He watched Samantha stroke a hand down her own belly, drawing goose bumps from her skin. She slowly reached down her body and parted her pussy lips with her fingers. With slow, languid circles she rubbed her clit. She dipped a finger into her opening, and threw her head back with a sigh. Her other hand massaged a breast. She moaned as she rolled and tugged at the nipple. She opened her eyes and looked right into his soul.
“Please, Cain, I need to feel you inside me. Don’t make me wait,” she breathed out, just above a whisper. Her gray eyes shined with passion.
“No worries, love. I’ll be buried so deep inside you in a few minutes you won’t know where you end and I begin.” He climbed onto the bed, stalking her on all fours. He felt predatory, feral with need. He could smell her arousal perfuming the air and it was driving him crazy. He bent down and kissed her lightly on the lips, stroking them with his tongue until she opened for him. He stroked his tongue into her mouth, caressed hers and dragged a soft sigh from her lips. He moved his mouth over her chin and down her neck, breathing her scent in. She smelled of warm woman and almond soap. When she leaned her head back to give him access to her throat, he licked down the column of her neck and nuzzled her shoulder. He bit her lightly, moving his tongue over the skin clamped between his teeth. The moan that escaped her throat made his cock throb.
He kissed the place he had bitten and leaned back to watch her face. Her eyes were closed and a slight smile tilted the corners of her mouth. He fought the urge to lean down and capture her lips once more. He wanted to be buried balls deep into her body, to feel the heat and tightness of her pussy milking his cock. “Now, roll over and show me that lovely ass of yours.”
Samantha opened her eyes and grinned. She slowly rolled over, keeping eye contact with him.  She got on hands and knees, spreading her legs. She leaned down and placed her head on the bed, moaning as he rubbed a hand over her lower spine and ass. She leaned back into his hand and wiggled slightly, giggling when he gave her a light smack. The giggles dissolved into a moan of pleasure when he moved his hand down and under her mound, pressing firmly against her folds. He nearly came when he felt the wet heat against his palm. Her skin was so soft and slick with her passion.
Cain moved between Samantha’s knees. He could feel the heat radiating off her body, pulsing against him. Her skin was smooth and soft under his calloused hand. He slowly ran his hands up her outer thighs, and grasped her hips. He kneaded her flesh, grinning at the whimper that escaped her lips. He pulled her back against his cock, nestling himself in her slick folds. Pumping his hips, he enjoyed the slick glide of his cock through her juices. “Oh, God, you’re so wet for me. What do you want, Samantha? What do you want me to do to you?”
She moaned and shoved back against his groin, wiggling her pussy against his cock. “Fuck me, Cain. Make me come with you inside me.”
Her plea pushed him closer to the building release. That vulgar request from her beautiful lips was too much. He leaned back and ran a finger down her ass, lightly circling her anus and moving lower until he could plunge his finger into her wet opening. The whimper that escaped her was animalistic. He couldn’t wait any longer. He grabbed her hips and positioned the crown of his shaft at her opening. With a slick slide, he entered her to the hilt. They both groaned as he filled her. With her channel tightly wrapped around his shaft, shivers raced down his spine. He could feel slight tremors massaging his dick as he slid out of her warmth and rammed himself back in.
Cain wrapped his arm around her waist and slid two fingers into her folds, finding her swollen clit. He rubbed the nub with fast, tight circles, driving her toward her climax as he pounded into her pussy. He could feel her clit hardening, and her muscles tightened as she got closer. She mewed softly as she pushed back against his hand.
“Come for me. I want to feel you come around my cock,” he growled as he thrust into her. He smiled as she keened and her muscles clamped down on his cock. She came fast and strong, milking his shaft as he held himself deep inside her channel. He threw his head back and moaned as she tightened around him, forcing his release.
He tumbled both of them to their sides, pulling her snugly against his chest. He buried his nose in her hair and savored the smell that was uniquely Samantha’s. He closed his eyes in sated bliss, feeling both of their heart rates slowing.
“You can call me Sam, by the way. I don’t normally go by Samantha,” she said after she yawned. She wiggled closer into Cain’s arms. “I haven’t been called Samantha so much since I was a little kid.”

Story Excerpt:

“Samantha Bridgestone, I’m Cain with Genophyte Security Firm. I talked to you last night. I need you to come with me right now,” Cain said slowly. He could see the stark fear on her battered face and was battling his own anger with the condition she was in. He didn’t move further into the room, but he did hold out a gloved hand to her. He took in her features and felt something shift in his chest. It wasn’t quite painful, but it was uncomfortable. Her long frame was curled in on itself in a defensive position. Her long, red hair was in a messy braid, tied back with a rubber band. Her clothes were wrinkled and dirty. From the file on this case, he knew she was wearing the same clothes that she’d been taken in. Pity and sadness burned through the anger he felt and left him empty. He wanted to rub his chest over his heart, but was afraid the movement would send her into a panic. “Samantha, please, you need to come with me now so I can get you to a secure location.”
“What happened to Buck?” Sam asked and then slammed a hand over her mouth. “I guess that shouldn’t be the first question out of my mouth, huh? How do I know it’s you and not someone that found out I talked to Cain?”
Cain hadn’t expected to have to reassure her that he was himself. Most kidnapping survivors were willing to throw themselves at the rescuers without so much as a word of urging. Then he remembered the piece of glass in his pocket. He slowly reached into one of his cargo pockets and pulled out the paperweight. He turned it slowly in his gloved hand and then held it out to Sam.
“Your father gave me this to help us find you,” Cain said. He watched the fear lift from Sam’s face as she stared at the object in his palm. He found himself drowning in the stormy-gray eyes that stared at him in mistrust. “And when we talked, you told me you didn’t want to know the type of punishment I had promised for your captors. Please, I don’t want to startle you, but we must go now. We have to be out of this house as quickly as possible.”
“Okay,” Sam said. She stood slowly from the cot. He watched her wince with pain, and reach out to lift the paperweight from the center of his gloved hand. He wanted to comfort her, take away the pain that she was trying to hide. “Where are we going? Is my father outside?”
“No, we’re going to take you to a secure location and then contact your father. The rest of my team is waiting outside. Please, we must go.” Cain was anxious to get her out of the house. So far, the mission had gone flawlessly. The team had monitored the building until one of the males left to go to a coffee shop. Adam and Bart followed that male to the store and collected him when he exited the building. Adam had assured Cain that everything had gone smoothly. Then, Cain and Jerome had entered the house in which Samantha was being held and subdued the second male. Cain needed to remove Samantha from the basement, and then they would all head to the ops center.
“Lead the way,” Sam said. He could see fear still in her eyes but she was being brave. His admiration for her increased. To have gone through what she had and still have the ability to fight her own fear was amazing.
Cain stepped away from the doorway and reached out a hand to guide Sam through the door. He scanned the surrounding area to verify that there were no additional people who had entered since he had come downstairs. Jerome had moved the male to their vehicle already, and Cain could tell that the man was still unconscious.


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