Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sensual Saturday Sentences- Maggie's Abduction

Maggie's Abduction is a Sci-Fi erotic romance. Maggie is kidnapped from Earth and given to an alien male as a play thing, a distraction, to keep him compliant. They are both prisoners on a ship bound for a life of hard labor, but what they find together is love and friendship.

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This snippet is when Maggie and Raharan first meet, or the first time she finds herself in his bed. She had just been kidnapped, tortured and drugged by another group of aliens. She wakes to find herself tied to a cot with a dark stranger growling at her. She's not really all that happy about her circumstances. You get a sense of Raharan's dominating personality in this tasty little treat. Enjoy!

 “Wake now.” A male voice entered the darkness and dragged Maggie from the comfort of unawareness. She struggled to place the voice, but reality stormed into her thoughts quickly. The metallic taste, dry mouth, and lack of memory quickly brought her from the black oblivion of unconsciousness with an eerie sense of déjà vu. She had been on a cold table, being tortured. Terror spiked fast and hard through her body.
 She opened her eyes, expecting the same sterile room, but found herself in a darkened metal cell. She was on her back on a bed of some sort, or at least a cloth pad that cushioned her body. With a quick glance, she noted that she was still naked but was covered with a coarse white sheet from breasts to mid thigh. Relief flowed through her. She wasn’t dead, hadn’t been maimed, and was probably okay. The drug-induced fog hadn’t fully lifted from her mind, but she didn’t feel any pain or discomfort anywhere. Maggie tried to roll, hoping to get a look at the rest of the cell. Her movements were halted by soft cloth straps around her wrists, tethering her to the corners of the bed. She pulled on the restraints, finding them stretchy and unbreakable. Shit. Now she was restrained to a bed? Would the nightmare never end?
 “Stop, now.” A gravelly voice pulled Maggie from her thoughts. She whipped her head around and stared across the cell at a large male standing in the corner farthest from the bed. The lights in the cell didn’t illuminate his face, but from the look of him, he was one of the largest men she had ever seen. His shoulders were easily twice as wide as hers. She guessed he stood close to seven feet tall if the height of the ceiling was the same as the first cell she had occupied.
 “Who are you?” Her voice was reedy and weak. She struggled to move on the bed to face him, but the ties wouldn’t allow her to roll. She pulled at them, testing their strength.
 “You must stop struggling against the restraints,” he growled.
 Maggie stared at his shadow for a moment, and when he didn’t speak again or move, she shifted her gaze to the fabric binding her to the bed. She pushed both arms up as far as she could to slacken the cloth, working her wrists in the cloth cuffs. If she could just get it loosened a little more—
 Large hands wrapped around her waist and pulled her down the bedding until her arms were stretched completely above her head. She squeaked at the sudden movement. She tried to struggle against the grip but was quickly pressed into the mattress by a very large and very heavy male body. She stilled immediately, fear drying her mouth.
 “You must stop struggling. I’m fighting my instincts enough as it is, but if you continue to struggle, you will force me to lose control.” He growled again, vibrating her chest where it met his. She was caught be a pair of golden feline eyes as he stared down at her. Their faces were mere inches apart. She gasped when the realization hit her that he wasn’t human. His face was humanoid, but wider and squarer than a typical male’s face. His eyes were widely set and deep in his face. His nose was wide and flat like that of a big cat. He had a full head of golden tan hair that was very similar to a lion mane. Thick lips clamped tight enough to whiten stress lines around them. Her body tensed, ready to battle the male laying on top of her. He squinted at her and rumbled deep in his chest. “Little human, you must listen to me. Your fear smells sweet and enticing. If you want me to behave myself and not take you this moment, you must calm and stop moving.”

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