Thursday, April 12, 2012

Release date approaching, edits off and other such stuff

My week has been a full one. I received final edits for Maggie's Abduction, watched it go live on the Siren Bookstrand website, and have been having fun with that whole process.


Along with that, if that wasn't enough for a great week, I got edits for Half in Love. I loved going through those pages. The characters are quirky and just so much fun. Well, and the love story is smokin! What can I say, vamps are hot. Anyway, the edits are now done and sent back to Siren.

Other news that seems important to share. Half in Love seems to have a closer release date of 5/15 instead of the 29th! Whoot! That means cover art should be coming soon.

Let's see, what else. Oh, I hooked up with two of the authors that are sharing my release date and we've been pimping each other out to our followers!

Check out Saving Treasure by Rose Leigh Woods