Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Half Insane- just a piece to tantalize

I started working on the next book in the Willie Krenshaw series. I know, the first isn't even out yet... but I'm not known for procrastinating. Book one, Half in Love, centers around Willie and Nick. Willie is a strong alpha female that finds herself dealing with a vampire who is her fated mate. She fights it, they kill vamps together, eventually they give in and claim each other.

Half in Love releases May 29th from Siren Bookstrand

In the process of Willie giving in and taking Nick as mate we are introduced to Alex. He is old, cunning, and an ass. Simply said. Half Insane finds Alex the center story. He is still an ass, but we get to see a slightly deeper side. Okay, I'll admit. Alex is much deeper than I thought he would be. I'm even impressed, but don't tell Willie.

Anywho, to celebrate and to give Alex some much needed attention, here is a completely unedited, raw, piece of Half Insane. Oh, by the way, Alex is a vampire. I figured you would get that from the passage below, but... you know. Enjoy!


She whimpered in his arms, and sagged against him just before he pressed his lips to her neck. He could feel her blood rushing just below her skin, calling to him. Her scent was so much stronger where her hair had held it capture against her neck. He groaned before licking lightly along her pulse. The properties of his saliva would numb the area and would draw her blood vessels closer to his lips. That was the predator’s reasoning. The male’s reasoning for licking her skin was to capture a taste of her and to take it into his body. He licked over the throbbing vein again just because she tasted so divine.
            He struck quickly, forcing his canines to push from his gums the instant before they penetrated her skin. She squeaked and bowed her body against his before relaxing completely. Vampire bites weren’t painful unless the biter wanted them to be. Alex definitely didn’t want to inflict pain. He allowed his saliva to flow freely within his mouth, bathing her skin as he sipped from the four puncture wounds he’d created. It would give her a euphoric feeling that probably bordered on arousing. He almost grinned as she whimpered and moved against his body, rubbing her pelvis against his. For some, vampire saliva could induce orgasms. It seemed his sweet victim was one of those lucky humans. She was going to experience the full experience of being with a vampire while he made the connection with her mind.
            As he drew the first mouthful of blood from her body he let her taste play over his palate. He’d drunk from thousands, hundreds of thousands of humans he was always interested in how different each one tasted. Everything a human took into their bodies affected the taste of their essence. Foods, drugs, drink, airborne pollutants, all could change the taste. Much like how the environment changed the taste of a wine because of what environment the grapes grew in. Paige’s natural essence was a wonderful mix of sweet and spicy. She had an overtone of dark chocolate or coffee that was enough to make him moan. She tasted of home.

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