Saturday, April 7, 2012

A furry shifter snippet in honor of the Easter bunny

I haven't written anything with furry woodland creatures, but I have finished writing a shifter erotic romance. I pulled a snippet from Alpha in Hiding. Its in the hands of an editor for review, but I'm hoping for a late summer release date.


The main characters both like to get a little furry at times, and although they like to eat bunnies, I'm sure they would leave the Easter bunny alone! Enjoy!

Unedited excerpt:

             Emily watched Seth with a mixture of pride and amusement. He was a dainty eater for a wolf, but he was enjoying the meal. She couldn’t quite wrap her mind around the fact that she wasn’t eating, but was sitting on her haunches, watching the male ingest large quantities of meat. Her wolf side had refused to eat anything from their kill. Instead she sat watching, swooning, in a wolfy way, at the big strong male. Fan-fucking-tastic. Her wolf had her mind made up about this male. Against her better judgment her wolf was assuming this male was their mate.
            After that kiss on the deck she didn’t know if she would fight the idea of being his mate, either. It had taken every ounce of strength not to strip him and mount him right there. She was thankful that he wasn’t able to decipher scents yet, because she had almost been drowning in their mixed lust. She’d been so wet that she refused to undress on the deck with him, afraid he would see the moisture on her panties. He did something to her that no other male had ever been able to do. He had crawled under her skin, and made her react to him on a very primal level. She craved his touch, she wanted to feel him, skin to skin, with such need that it was impossible to separate her feelings for him from her wolf’s. Her and her wolfy side were definitely a pair, lusting after this male with such wanton abandon.
             Seth’s yip broke her from her thoughts. His muzzle was covered in blood and his belly was rounded from the meat he'd just ingested. He looked pointedly at the carcass and tilted his head. Yep, he had noticed her weird behavior. Great. She stepped forward and made the effort to eat instead of doing what she really wanted to do. There was no way she was admitting her need to clean his muzzle with her tongue, nope she wasn’t going to give in.

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