Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Willie's Continuing Saga

Half in Love, releasing May 29th, is the first book in the Willie Krenshaw series. The second installment, Half Insane, will center around Alex, the bastard blood sucker from the first book.

I loved writing Willie's character because she is a no-holds-barred, kick-ass, alpha female. She's strong, foul mouthed, and has a dry sense of humor. Perfect in my eyes. She gave her mate, Nickola, a run for his money in the first book and will continue to keep him on his toes in the second.

Anyway, Alex is droning on and on in my skull about getting a blog entry about his upcoming role in the new book. Don't tell Willie, but Alex is actually going to find his one true mate as well. Paige, a wicked tongued human female, is going to step into Alex's perfect little world and rock it, hard. In the end Willie and Paige are going to be friends, but neither of them are going to enjoy the journey. At least someone gets to do some killing in the second book. I won't tell who, though, in case they are listening. 

So, to introduce Alex I'm giving a snippet that involves him from the first book. Enjoy!

Excerpt- unedited from Half in Love: Willie Krenshaw Series- releasing May 29th from Siren Bookstrand:

“Hmm, I see why you like her.” Alex watched her with ancient wisdom and something close to amusement in his eyes. “You are to go in front of the Council tomorrow night, at sunset. They may or may not ask questions before deciding your fate. You’re an enigma to us and they want to determine what harm or danger you pose to the vampire nation.”
“Lil’ ol’ me? What harm could I possibly do to the vampire nation? Every single vamp I come across seems to find me revolting. Why? I haven’t done anything to anyone unless they started it first.” Anger, her most trusted friend, surfaced and washed through her eating away her fear. What the fuck do they all think I am capable of doing?
“You, milady, are an unknown. Can you make others? Would they be shifter and vampire as well?” Alex tilted his head studying her with his black eyes. “Could you possibly carry a vampire and shifter baby?”
Those words punched into Willie’s heart with the speed and pain of a bullet. A baby? God, she hadn’t even thought of the possibilities. Would her offspring be part vampire? Could she even get pregnant after her change? Pain lanced through her soul at the thought of being barren and never being able to have children. Is that why she was fated with a vampire mate?
“I see you hadn’t thought through these same questions.” Alex nodded his head as if some of his questions had been answered. “These are things the Council is concerned with. You will be asked to go in front of them and tell your story. Then they will determine what is to be done with you.”
“Done with me? I’m not a vampire, they have no power over me.” She growled. Nick placed a restraining hand on her arm and she shook it off scowling at him. He might be able to sit there and listen to this crap, but she couldn’t.
“Ah, but you are part vampire. That part is ruled over by the Council. You’re lucky they want to meet you first instead of just having one of their assassins kill you. You’re an abomination to some, you know, that needs to be put down.”
“Are you trying to piss me off?” She hissed. Her canines started to descend cutting into her bottom lip. She refused to give in and attack this male. There was no way she could win in a fight against the ancient bloodsucker no matter how much she wanted to take him on. She tried to breathe through the rage, tried to remind herself that this was not the way to deal with him.
Alex laughed, rich and dark, and turned to Nick. “When you tire of her I’d like to borrow her. Her spunk is refreshing. Does her anger translate to the bed as well?”

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