Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thirteen things I might do while waiting for edits to arrive....

I am not a patient person. There, I said it. I don't like to wait in line at a fast food drive thru. I don't like waiting for videos to buffer. I don't like waiting for a book to make it to my Kindle. I definitely don't like waiting for anything associated with my writing. Waiting for reviews, edits, covers, ANYTHING, drives me nuts. I have become chained to my email notifications. My heart rate rises and falls in direct relationship to the number of email notifications I get each day. Each time the icon pops up I think this will be the time its something I've been waiting for. When its another add from my local store I growl, delete it and start the waiting all over again.

So, right now I am waiting on edits for three stories and the review on two. Below are thirteen things I never wanted to do but would definitely help me deal with my patience issues via death-like boredom, pain, etc. There is no way I'm saying I WILL do these things, but if I get desperate enough I just might pick one!

1. Scrub the grout in my shower with a toothbrush
2. Clean out the corners of every closet in the house
3. Teach my 4-year-old the appropriate uses for "her" and "she"
4. Learn how to count to ten in latin
5. Figure out what substance is mashed into the cushions of my couch
6. Open the windows during the next snow storm to clean the sills
7. Count the number of characters on each page of the next novel I read
8. Use swabs and alcohol to clean between the keys on my keyboard
9. Pluck my leg hair with tweezers instead of shaving
10. Ask my 9-year-old to explain how to win a level on his favorite video game
11. rotate my tires by myself
12. give each of my four cats baths
13.  wash, dry and braid the hair clumps down my drain

Alright, all. There is the list of horrible, nauseating or boring things that may or may not get done while I am waiting and waiting and waiting... Happy Thursday!

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