Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Snippet- Half in Love

Half in Love will be releasing May 29th from Siren BookStrand. 

I'm really excited for this story to hit the ebook stands. It's my first shifter/vampire book. 

Willie, the heroine, is a kick ass halfbreed, well, not really "breed" as she was born a cougar shifter but is partially changed by a vampire as a teenager. She has both vampire and shifter traits, and because of that is hated by both sets of beings. She leads a lonely life until one fateful night when she tries to do the right thing and ends up stumbling across her mate. Shifters mate for life. Vampires don't. Her mate, fated by that metaphysical being, happens to be a sexy vampire named Nikola.

Anyway, below is an unedited piece of Willie's story. This is the first time she feels the tug to claim him as her mate, and her absolute refusal to do so. Also, Nick has just found out that he'd been drugged for days and someone had trashed his home. The berserker rage is riding him hard. She's tough, but how long can she hold out against Fate and Nick's sexy bod?


        Willie couldn’t stop her body from responding. Every cell cried out with greed for his touch. His scent enveloped her mind in a hot, sexual stupor. With the slight pain from the bite on her collarbone her body took over. She reacted with instinctual need. No more thought. No more worrying about claiming her mate. She needed to feel his body against hers. Needed to feel his shaft sliding through her folds and pumping into her, spilling his seed deep inside her body. A hot rush of want flowed through her body making her gasp and squirm in his arms. The already soaked panties she wore were drenched with new arousal. She wrapped her legs around his waist welcoming him further into the cradle of her body. She rocked against him, grinding her pussy against his cock trying to get the sensation she craved. She could feel the tightening of her clit with each pulse of their pelvises. His hands moved over her sides, sliding under her shirt sending passion threading through her body. She flexed her body trying to coax his wandering hands to her aching breasts. They wanted his hands on them, plucking and kneading her flesh. With a satisfied sigh she threw her head back as his fingers finally encircled her engorged nipple, pinching and twisting. The slight pain ramped up her passion. She groaned when his fingers left her breasts only to be replaced by his mouth. Hot licks of desire flicked across her nipples as he suckled. Each pull of his mouth made her climb closer to a release.
Her hands threaded through his hair pulling his mouth to hers. She licked along his lips until he opened his lips, inviting her inside the warm depths of his mouth. Their tongues twined together and slid along each other. One of his hands caressed her back and pulled her closer. The other traveled over her ass and pushed the seam of her jeans against her slit adding more pressure and friction to their grinding. She moaned her need into his mouth. Her orgasm was so close and they hadn’t even gotten skin to skin yet. She ground against him faster, harder, trying to get to the top of the climax climb. She wanted to fall over the edge, feel the release of the tension and lust crawling over her skin.
            She pulled her lips from his with a groan and slid her lips down his neck laving the skin with wet kisses and licks. Instinct had her flexing her jaw muscles enticing her canines to descend. She nipped the muscle at the base of his neck and reveled in the dark growl that vibrated against her chest in response.
A niggling thought crept through the heat of the moment. As her cougar pushed at her mind and wanted to taste his blood with wanton bloodlust a flash of reality flickered through her mind. Oh, God. She couldn’t bite him without claiming him. She whipped her head back and slammed it against the wall hoping the pain would bring some sort of semblance of control back to her. A tremor of fear skated down her spine.
            “Please don’t let me bite you.” Her whispered plea jerked both of them from the passionate fever igniting their bodies.
            Nick reared back like she touched him with a lit match. His eyes glowed an unearthly red, irises still flooded with blood. Passion pinched his beautiful face but control slowly bled into his features. Their breathing, harsh and shallow, echoed through the cavernous room. Panic and regret crossed his face before he closed his eyes and leaned his forehead against hers.
“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to do this to you. Just give me a minute. The rage is riding me hard and you smell so good. Stand there for a moment, please,” he croaked. His body trembled with the desire to finish what they started. He didn’t even know her name and he had almost taken her against the wall in his house. As quickly as he could he disentangled her body from his and stepped back away, turning his back to her. He could smell her fear under her arousal. Fuck. Anger burned through some of the sexual need. Losing his temper was one thing, but to almost take a female against her wishes in his home was unforgivable. Perhaps he had gone rogue. That would explain the complete lack of control he just showed. Disgust weighed his heart down. He whispered, “I’m so sorry.”

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