Sunday, March 11, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday- 5

Seeing Maggie's Abduction seems to be my main focus, I think I'll pull out another six from her story. April 19th is her release date from Siren Publishing and I am extremely excited.

Maggie finds herself the play thing of an alien male on a ship destined for a rock far from home. The two find common ground and a sensual understanding which eventually grows to love. The sentences I chose this week show her growing affection and lust for the male she'd been given to. Enjoy!

A squeak escaped her lips as she flew through the air and landed with a bounce on their bed. She giggled as she watched Raharan stalk toward her. His strength no longer scared her. It turned her on that he could so easily manhandle her but was so exceedingly gentle with her. Single-minded intent shown in his face as he moved with feline grace toward the bed. She was going to get fucked hard, and she couldn’t wait.

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