Thursday, March 29, 2012

Maggie's Abduction cover reveal

YEA! Maggie's Abduction cover art has arrived in my email. Release date is April 19th. Check it out! I'm so excited. Jinger at Siren Bookstrand did a great job.

Here's the blurb about Maggie's Abduction. Three weeks and counting til the releases.

Maggie's night couldn't get much worse. She’d been dragged by her skinnier and cuter best friend to a bar to meet a blind date. Then, she’s drugged and wakes to find herself on a ship as a sexual submissive to a massive, feline humanoid. After being stripped naked and terrified she finds herself tied to a bed that belongs to war prisoner Raharan, the golden-eyed alien that’s been given Maggie as a distraction. She finds that being submissive to him opens her eyes to love and an amazing sex life. When more of his kind attack the ship to free their brethren Maggie finds herself coveted by another. Will she be destined to act as the slave for another, or will Raharan find and save her in time?


  1. Gorgeous cover! My first book at Siren released today, so I understand your excitement. :)