Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Writing process

I love to find out how others write, what their process is, when they start and finish, etc. Some are planners spending time outlining and getting all their ducks in a row before putting a single word to paper. Some are free spirits just letting the story flow from them without any real planning. Then, there are those that sit between the two extremes doing a little planning and some flying-by-their-pants. 

I tend to be one of the middle folks. I like to get some ideas on paper, maybe a general flow of the story, how I see it ending, etc. Then, once I am writing the characters can take the story anyway they want if needed. Sometimes when I fight the characters the story stalls and then they remind me that the story really is THEIRS and not mine.

At the moment I sneak as much time to write as I can, but for those that have deadlines and products they have to get done I wonder if they force themselves to be more of a planner.

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