Friday, February 24, 2012

Characters have sabotaged my plan... again

I had a beautiful plan for this month. Finish Catch of the Day, work on a few shorter stories before starting the second installment featuring Willie. Well, that plan all went to hell when Seth and Emily piped up inside my noggin. So, instead of working on anything I already had going I am powering through a shifter novel about a kickass female wolf who gets saddled with a weak male who doesn't even like his wolf. I don't mind the interruption but someone needs to teach these people that they need to be patient and wait their turn. Poor Adam hasn't even seen any action in months and he was supposed to be finished by now.

In celebration of Seth and Emily pushing their way to the front of the line, here is a little (unedited) piece of Alpha in Hiding.

She stared at him and barely kept from baring her teeth. He was unshaven, unshowered, disheveled. She glanced up and down his frame and couldn’t find one redeeming feature. His dark hair was shorn close to his head. Glasses perched on his nose. Glasses, on a shifter. That was almost unheard of. He had thrown on a wrinkled concert t-shirt that was way too big for his slender frame. Sweatpants hung low off his hips. She swept her eyes back up and wrinkled her nose at what she saw. The whole package wasn’t impressive at all. Great. That would make her job so much easier… NOT.


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