Saturday, January 7, 2012

Writing sex scenes... location, location, location

In Catch of the Day I am finally to the point where I get to write the first love scene between the three characters. At first I figured they would all have their fun in a tent, but then my analytical brain started ticking through things and to be honest three grown people trying to get it on inside a pup tent is almost impossible. Especially if its supposed to sound sexy and sensual. So, then I have to ask the question, where is better? Do I move it to the fireside? Outdoors is nice, especially at night in front of a fire. That gives me all kinds of visual things I can play off. Or, do we have the three move to the ramshackle barn for some time in the hay? If you have ever messed around in hay you know that its extremely itchy... I could always write in bigger tents I guess... but realistically you aren't going to take a family tent on a fishing trip.

The scenes I most enjoy writing are water play scenes. Showers, baths, hot tubs, pools, etc. There is something so erotic about the movement of water in all its forms. I love watching water droplets move, or the lapping of water against a body. Water is just so soothing and adds an almost otherworldly piece to sex. Oh, and then of course you have the sensations from temperature changes.

I tend to be a traditionalist when it comes to sexual rendezvous. I enjoy writing love scenes that are in the realm of possibilities for the general population. I don't see the fun in writing about a tryst that would only happen for the athletic, super flexible, adrenaline junky people out there. I like to think that someone reading one of my books will find some realistic fantasy building fun.

What are some of the best locations you have fantasized or read about?

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