Friday, January 27, 2012

Working man's character names

I love reading all kinds of books, but obviously being a romance and erotica writer sends me in that direction for my reading pleasure. One of my complaints about these genres are the complicated and sometimes unpronounceable names. I understand using unusual names if you are writing something in the sci-fi/ futuristic area, or even if you are writing about someone from a foreign country. But, if your character is a typical man from the good US of A, then by God give him a normal name.

I try to always use "normal" names for my heroes. Maybe its because I want readers to be able to connect to them. They aren't the muscle bound, perfect men you find in some stories. I guess being a normal woman in a normal life I like fantasizing about something that could actually happen to someone "normal".

So, where do I come up with my names? I use a baby name book. Yep, that is truly what I do. Once I come up with what I want my characters to look like I go in search of a name that works. Sometimes I have inspiration for last names. Friends, family, etc., also contribute names. So far none of my immediate family have been used as character names, but they will. My daughter actually designed the look of the character she is named after.

There you have it. My diatribe on character names.Happy Friday, everyone!

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