Thursday, January 5, 2012

I hate waiting...

I am not a patient person. That being said, I hate waiting for anything. I get irritated in the drive thru at McD's, driving behind old people, refreshing my email, boiling water. You get the idea. I am currently waiting on many things. The contract for Maggie's Abduction should be showing up in my email any day now, so I wait. Both Cain's story and a valentine BDSM story I wrote are in the hands of a publishing company going through second reviews. You guessed it, so I am waiting. I am obsessed over my email accounts. I sit expectantly every day for that telltale sound that informs me that new mail has arrived in my inbox. All this waiting and stewing on my inability to be patient makes doing anything else impossible.

So, today I am going to force myself to practice some patience. I am going to sip my coffee and relax my vigil in hopes of fate looking kindly on my change in behavior. If I could just be gifted with one of the things I am waiting for all would be well in my world. *laughing* Who am I kidding, then I will just be waiting for the others with more determination.

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