Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Creative writing is all about listening to the voices

I tried to get some writing done over the weekend and eventually did. But, to get writing done I had to rework the beginning of Willie's story because she wasn't happy with the way I was taking the book. I know, I shouldn't let the voices in my head be in charge but when I am writing their stories I find I have to listen.

So, the question I beg to ask myself and all the other voices out there is... how do others creatively write? I mean, I am sure some are like me and have enough characters scampering around inside my noggin that it will take me years to get them all on paper... but does everyone write that way? I tried writing with outlines and things like that, but if the people aren't behind it in my head then the story usually is stale and not so much fun to work on.

Well, back to work and back to listening to Willie bitch about her storyline. She isn't happy still, but at least she is cooperating for this chapter!

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