Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Characters and where they come from

Sometimes when I am sitting at a stoplight and glance over into the car next to me I notice something unique about a person that spawns a character. Sometimes they come from internet photos or the television. Most of the times, though, they are born from people in my life. Sometimes I like to sit in the mall and let my imagination run wild as I watch people walk around. Is that man buying a watch for his wife or his mistress? Is that kid with all the piercings really against the world or just insecure? Is that woman wearing the hat hiding from someone or from the world?

Personalities, looks, quirks. All of those attributes come from people I know and I mix and match as needed. The heroines are definitely designed from friends and family. The heroes may acquire their personality and voice from friends and family, but usually their physical characteristics come from people I find on the internet.

So, the question is, have I modeled any of my characters after myself. Wouldn't you like to know?! I'm not sharing. I can definitely admit to giving snark and character flaws to many of my heroines, but beyond that I'm not telling. Seeing I tend to have all of these people talking in my head its easy to say that many of their personalities exist in myself.

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