Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Blogging... why?

I know, it isn't all that creative to blog about the reasons for blogging but I feel the need. I get why some people blog, especially if they are trying to sell something. But, for those of us that have no followers and no one looking to us for advice I find that writing is almost therapeutic in a blog. Not quite a diary or journal because you KNOW others will be reading it eventually, but it still feels like I can pour out abstract thoughts into this blog where they can exist outside my head. To be able to put the thoughts to "paper" and see them staring at me helps.

The other thought I have about blogging revolves around WHAT to blog and not so much why. Eventually I will be able to write about my published books and all of that, but for now its all hypothetical. Yes, Maggie's Abduction will be published by Siren... but that offers no actual promise of sales or additional books being picked up. So, for now I can be excited about the process, excited about new ideas stewing in my head and ultimately waiting. I don't know, beyond the cover art questionnaire, what to expect. Its all unknown territory for me. Blogging helps me put my questions in coherent rants versus just floating around my brain.

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