Thursday, December 15, 2011

Maggie's Abduction accepted by Siren

Okay, so I had this story pop into my head about a woman who gets kidnapped by aliens. I wrote Maggie's story and she finds happiness in the end with her big hunk o' burning dominating alien. I submitted the story to Siren and guess what? They want it! YEAH! I am looking at an April 2012 release date. I'm so excited about this news.

I am still plugging along on Willie's book. She is at a cross roads right now and fighting me on the way the book should go. So, until she will relent and put her kittycat self to bed I am waiting. In the mean time, though, I am working on a MFM book about Erin, a woman scorned, and two beefy fishermen. :)  She is going on a vacation that was supposed to be for her and her fiancee. She finds her man in bed with another woman and decides that she really could use some time away and in the outdoors. This is the first menage book I have written. I can't wait for the characters to play out the book.

Cain's story is still out there with a few publishers to review. I will find the right fit eventually. I am waiting until Cain's story is picked up before I start work on Adam's book. His will be a lot of fun to write because the female character is more kick ass.

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