Thursday, October 13, 2011

Been writing, reading and still waiting

Willie's story is progressing nicely and I already have another couple clamoring to escape my head. I am sort of stuck on her right now, though, because the plot is at a cross roads. If I take her and Nick one way it will change the entire flow of the book, but it might be the better way to go. That is what I get for trying to jot down an outline. Usually the characters take the book a different direction that I originally thought it would go.

On another note, I am still waiting to hear back about the changes I made to Cain's book. The next book in that series is for Adam, but I don't want to start that one until I hear back again from the publisher. I am hoping that the changes I made will satisfy them, because I can't see a way to change his story again without losing some of the important flow.

I have found a few more authors that I really adore so between working and writing I have been trying to sneak in some reading. Right now I am on a sci-fi romance kick. There are some really good stories out there if you can dig them up. Actually, a few of the authors that I really like aren't even that well known. Gotta love the .99 books in the Kindle Store.

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