Sunday, September 4, 2011

First run through, finished!

I spent most of the weekend in the bedroom writing and reading. I tweaked my neck and sat around sucking down ibuprofen and muscle relaxers. Not bad for a weekend, actually. But, the important news is that I finished digging Cain out of my brain. His story is now resting peacefully on my harddrive. I celebrated with a little dance and a victory wave of my arms. I love getting to that last sentence and know that you have created something that is a good work. Cain made it easy, though. His story tripped off my fingers sometimes faster than I could keep up. He made me laugh and cry, made me angry and disappointed. I am glad that he is the first to get a book and a mate.

Wish me luck as I get his story edited. I am sure that he won't enjoy the demeaning task of having his life gone through with a fine toothcomb, but that isn't is call. LOL

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