Wednesday, July 12, 2017

#WIPWednesday ~ Fearless Love: Coyote Bluff 4 #eroticromance

Antonio Clyburn ~ Model... Kruse Images and Photography

Fearless Love ~ Jason and Libby's story

That didn’t sound good. Two more males set on keeping her in town? Yeah Libby didn’t think Grandma could take them on. And would she have to bow to the Alpha’s wants?
“Yes. Having the Alpha here is a good idea. We need to get this straightened out and then Libby and I can leave shortly to start the journey back to my house.” The woman turned and smiled, a kindly tilt to her lips. “You want to come home with me, dear?”
Like she was going to turn down an escape. “I want to leave this town. Thank you Grandma Adelle.”
“I’m so sorry I haven’t been in your life. We will catch up. I promise you that.” A wrinkled hand patted her cheek lightly before moving to her shoulder. “And you won’t have to deal with this kind of craziness again.”
“Mom, don’t fill her mind with that garbage. She’s staying right here.”
Before more could be discussed the doorbell rang.
Libby’s mom headed to the door and then turned, glancing once again at the dirt and leaves. “Good gods. Go shower.”
She opened her mouth to argue but her Grandmother gripped her shoulder a little tighter. “Good idea. I will go up with her and she can show me her room.” Before anyone could answer a strong hand wrapped around her wrist and started pulling her toward the stairs. “Come on dear, you can fill me in on school as you shower.”
Libby followed obediently, glancing between her father and mother for any clue as to what was happening. Her father shrugged and started righting the chairs. Adelle gave a weak wave and turned briskly toward the front of the house.
What. The. Hell.
She felt like Alice after slipping down the rabbit hole. Everything was weird and confusing. The thought of her arriving at dinner in a blue and white dress raving about white rabbits had her clamping her lips shut and trying to stifle the nervous laughter.
Grandma sniffed and headed to Libby’s door. They entered her bedroom and the older woman closed the door, putting a finger to her lips she extracted a tablet from her pocket. She feverishly tapped at the screen and then held it for Libby to see.

Is the Alpha still crazy?

Coming Soon!

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