Thursday, July 13, 2017

#ThrowbackThursday Cain's Salvation

Cain's Salvation
Genotypes Series ~ Book 1
sci-fi/futuristic erotic romance

Cain was designed in a lab to be used as a super warrior called a Genophyte. Genophytes are programmed with military training, psychic powers, and diminished emotions.
After buying out his contract with the company that built him, he uses the talents, including his empathic abilities, to run his own security firm. He was built without emotions, but that all changes when a dream shows him a female, Samantha, who needs his help. A glitch in his programming makes him susceptible to a primitive possessiveness when he meets the one female that can deal with his issues. From the moment he first sees her, he desperately wants her. His firm receives a call from her father. Sam was kidnapped and held for ransom. Cain and his employees are hired to fix the botched attempt to get her back.
Their happiness rides on Cain’s ability to find her in time.

~Excerpt ~
“Shit!” Cain yelled, as he watched the comlink connection close. He picked up his handheld device and almost threw it across the plane. Only Adam’s quick grunt reminded him that doing so might be a really bad idea. “Bart, did we get her?”
“Close, but not exact location. She’s definitely being held in Castle Rock. I’ve pinned it down to a few-block radius, so that should narrow down the number of buildings we have to search,” Bart answered.
“Okay, send me the info, and we’ll see you on the ground.” Cain closed the comlink with Bart. Rage surged through him as he replayed the conversation he had with Sam. She’d been so scared. He growled deep in his belly and clenched his fists. Taking a few deep breaths, he tried to get himself under control. The only thing keeping him from tearing something apart with his bare hands was the sweet memory of Sam’s voice. It echoed through his thoughts and soothed the anger. Mine.
When Cain and Adam disembarked from their plane, Bart and Jerome were already waiting for them, leaning casually against the vehicles. Before Cain could ask, Jerome opened the passenger-side door and pointed to a small box sitting on the seat.
“It’s in there. I took it from one of the security dudes here. He says it came from Mr. Bridgestone.”
Cain took the box and opened it slowly. Nestled inside tissue paper was what looked like a glass egg. It was very heavy, clear, and swirled with different colors. If he could hazard a guess as to its use, it would be a paperweight. It supposedly was something that Samantha Bridgestone was known to handle often. He closed his eyes and reached with his senses toward the egg and felt nothing. It didn’t carry any auras at all. What the hell?

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