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#WIPWednesday ~ Fearless Love #coyotebluffseries #amwriting #eroticrom

Antonio Clyburn ~ Model... Kruse Images and Photography

Fearless Love ~ Jason and Libby's story

Snippet~ Chapter 7:

Sliding off Jason’s lap was embarrassing and sensual all at the same time. He was definitely hard under her rear and she felt every inch of him as she shimmied off his legs. A blush scorched her cheeks but even that couldn’t put a dent in her happiness. Nope. He wanted her, she wanted him, he felt enough for her to make her take comfort from him, and he was a nice guy. A really sexy nice guy.
Libby tried not to giggle as she watched from the corner of her eye a very uncomfortable Jason move his package around in his jeans. Poor guy. Hope I didn’t put a kink in his pipes.
“What’s so funny over there?”
She had been so lost in her thoughts she hadn’t even noticed they were driving again. His teasing tone pulled her from her musings. “Nothing’s funny, just feeling happy.”
Jason’s hand slowly moved across the seat, palm up. She waited to see what he was doing, but he didn’t move once his hand was resting as close to her thigh as his outstretched arm would let him get. Was this just how he rode? It couldn’t be comfortable. While staring his fingers wiggled a little and it made her jump.
“Hold my hand, Libby.” He laughed. “You reacted like my hands gonna bite ya.”
She fought the urge to smack herself in the forehead. Chalking it up to years without even the thought of romance she blushed hard again, but entwined her fingers with his. She scooted closer to him so the position didn’t feel awkward. Warmth seeped through her skin and the soft slide of his thumb over hers melted her insides a little.
His skin looked like burnt mahogany under her vampire-pale hand. She hadn’t really thought about how they’d look together. Giving into those types of thoughts had been off limits until, well, an hour ago. She loved the way he looked, handsome, built, beautiful. But seeing his skin next to hers stirred sensual thoughts. The contrasts of his darkness against her cream-colored body would be sinfully gorgeous. She wanted to take photos of him naked, with flowing burgundy and cream sheets. Wonder if his cock is darker or lighter than his chest?
Libby’s other hand was covering her mouth as if she’d actually uttered that question, head pooling so fast in her cheeks she felt faint. She wanted to fan her face but knew he’d ask her about the color. But then, something far more mortifying came to her attention. She was turned on. Enough that she could smell her own arousal. Holy shit buckets.

Glancing at Jason told her everything she needed to know. Her nose wasn’t messed up, and he could smell it to. And by the flaring of his nose and the deep breaths he sucked into his chest he liked the scent.

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