Thursday, April 6, 2017

WIP Snippet: Fearless Love #CoyoteBluff #amwriting #PRNRomance

Snippet from Jason and Libby's story (unedited and raw, so forgive the spelling/grammar):

“I’m so sorry. So so so sorry.” Numb lips continued to mumble the words even though Libby wasn’t even sure who she was speaking to. Panic, thick and oppressive, buried her mind in sludge. Something happened and she was in trouble. “So sorry.”

“You need to snap out of it.”

Who was that? Where was she?

“Libby, come on chicky. Come on back to us. You’re safe.”

Lies. She was never safe. Always looking over her shoulder and waiting for something to happen. Never safe from her father and alpha. Not with Grammy gone. No one to watch over her. No one to keep her safe. It was all lies. The world only took, hurt, used. She’d learned that, knew it with every cell in her body. 

Warm arms wrapped around her shoulders and she struggled for a moment but when the pressure didn’t ease she gave into her weakness and took the comfort offered. Her nose told her it was Amie but her brain couldn’t remember why the other woman was there. It didn’t matter. Amie could be trusted. She was damaged too.

A whimper clawed its way from her throat. Her vision clouded by tears and blackness as it pinched in. She was going to pass out again and Libby welcomed the dark. Fear clamped her lungs in tight bands even as she sucked in too many loud wheezing breaths. A part of her brain knew she was panicking over nothing. It happened a lot, and she would be better off fainting, but the rest of her head was spinning in a swirl of self-disgust and gut-wrenching terror.

“Elizabeth Palmer. You will stop this nonsense at once. You are safe here.” The insane woman shook her a little and growled in her ear. “You will pull on your big girl panties and come back to me or I’ll tell everyone about your addition to Cadbury creme eggs and make sure no store in a hundred mile radius ever carries them again.”

The threat broke the litany of unending sorry scrolling through her head. Libby needed that chocolate. And somewhere in her brain she knew Amie would make that happen. It was enough to get her out of the terror loop keeping her chained to the memories and fears. Even her cat became agitated which was good and right. Libby’s cougar poked its head up and bared it’s teeth. Sure, the human was scared to death and an emotional wreck, but the animal side? She would go to battle if needed. 
Especially with the little bobcat currently trying to scramble her brains by shaking her shoulders.

“Or maybe I’ll visit you and touch every single knick knack you have on that cupboard. Turn them all. You’d hate that.” Amie continued and chuckled darkly. “Or I’ll bring my superglue over? I have so many things I didn’t get to try with Zeke.”

“No. Not the glue.”

Coming soon....

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