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Photog Thursday: Alex Wightman #photogThursday #bookcover #coverimage @wightman_alex

Alex Wightman
to Photog Thursday

This photograph is available for purchase from Alex Wightman Photography

1. Give us the lowdown on who you are... where have you been? What have you done? What makes you tick.
My name is Alex Wightman, 27 years old male photographer from the UK. In the last few years my business as a self-employed photographer has taken me all over the place and it’s a really exciting time for me at the minute. I’ve been busy establishing myself in the fitness industry and seeing lots of buff men, and yes I do enjoy it!

2. When did you first know you wanted to be behind a camera for a living?
I kind of fell into photography. I’ve always been creative and studied Fine Art at University but photography became a commercially viable way of making money by being an artist. It began when I saw a job offered as a family portrait photographer, and as my first full-time job it made me realize that I love working with people but decided I didn’t like working for anyone else! So I went self employed.

This photograph is available for purchase from Alex Wightman Photography

3. We all want to know how you find these sexy guys to take photos of... tell us the process
To be honest, they find me! I’m completely humbled that these guys are seeking me out from all over the world, and some have even flown across seas to shoot with me. I’m slowly but surely cementing my name as a household name not only in the UK but internationally, and becoming one of the world's leading photographers in male imagery.

It’s about gaining a reputation, I first used a website called modelmayhem which helped me connect easily with models and began building a portfolio through models that were willing to photograph with me. But now I have a reputation and models actively seek me out so I don’t need to go looking anymore.

This photograph is available for purchase from Alex Wightman Photography

4. How do you get the models to give you what you want? Do you coach before the set of pics? During? Shouting out 'turn left, no your other left'?
I work with people who have and haven’t modeled before, but I am very good at giving direction. I work in both fitness and fashion industries and often have to know my own mind and what I want. If I’m working with an experienced model it often becomes a collaboration of both our ideas, but I still know what I like and help give the model my vision and sometimes put myself into the pose first so the model can see what I want.

5. What's the coolest location you've every photographed in?
I used to do a lot of urbexing (which means to go into derelict buildings) and I’ve been in some amazing abandoned buildings. One building I was in was an abandoned military hospital but that was equally as terrifying as it was ‘cool’. I like shooting on location though, it allows me to explore new areas and unleashes my creativity.

This photograph is available for purchase from Alex Wightman Photography

6. Do you love using digital medium, or are you nostalgic about the old 35mm?
Oh I’m what you’d call a purists nightmare! I didn’t study photography I’m self taught and also I’ve been using Photoshop for over ten years which helps me create artistic edits when I want to.

7. What was your first camera?
When I worked for a company it was a Nikon but now I own a Canon 5d mark ii and my favourite lens 24-70mm f2.8

This photograph is available for purchase from Alex Wightman Photography

8. Have you taken classes on photography? Photo editing software?
I studied Fine Art which encompassed all mediums, photography included. We also had lessons with Photoshop but a lot of what I know is self taught and it’s true what they say ‘practice makes perfect’. You’re always learning, I’ve been using Photoshop for over ten years and there are processes I still learn that end up saving me another ten minutes!

9. What's the best part of your job?
I don’t just work in fitness, as I mentioned earlier I have involvement in the fashion industry but also the other side to my business is weddings. Whatever job it is that I end up photographing, my agenda or interests remain the same; and that is, that I love anything fairytale. I’ve always been interested in magic, myths and legends, and I like to make my models look like they’ve stepped straight out of a fiction novel! Everyone wants their fairytale wedding, so again this mindset can easily be applied to those types of jobs also. So the best part of my job I’d say is that I get to express myself in this way. I’m an artist first, photographer second.

This photograph is available for purchase from Alex Wightman Photography

10. If we were to peek into your office space what items would we see that might surprise us?
My organised mess! If you was able to scramble your way through it I’m not sure you’d find anything of great interest.. maybe my spartan helmet?

11. Do you listen to music while you edit photos or doesn't it matter?
I usually like to have something on in the background, whether it be TV or a music channel. If I have to sit for a long duration editing, music can help break up the monotony.

This photograph is available for purchase from Alex Wightman Photography

12. What do you absolutely enjoy about working with models and authors for covers?
I am used to working to a brief, I like to work with other creatives to create the best image possible. The Author, Model and Photographer end up collaborating to create a work of art.

13. Who do you have coming up on your schedule that we might be interested in?
I’ve just shot with Eric Turner and James Alexander Ellis and Andrew England who are all popular guys, but I also have Adam Fletcher in the pipeline who I’ve wanted to shoot for a few years now!

This photograph is available for purchase from Alex Wightman Photography

14. What ONE item would you absolutely have to have on a deserted island?
Is camera the obvious answer?? Probably my phone!
15. Quick questions (one worders)
Chocolate or vanilla - CHOCOLATE
Morning person or night owl – Most definitely a night owl
can or bottle – bottle please!
wine or beer – Wine and Dine me
train or plane - Plane
Vegas or Disney World – Disney World!
Modern or classical art - Modern

This photograph is available for purchase from Alex Wightman Photography

16. Where would you like authors and other interested folks to get in touch with you?
Authors can follow me on the below social media or email me at
Twitter: @wightman_alex
Instagram: @alexwightmanphotography

This photograph is available for purchase from Alex Wightman Photography

17. Any travelling you'd like to promote?
Last year I ended up travelling a fair bit for work including Australia and New York. Next year I may be travelling a bit more to the states but nothing concrete yet.

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