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Ian and Matt Interview ~ Character meets cover model #paranormal #eroticromance

I had the awesome pleasure of sitting down with Matt Savard, cover model extraordinaire, and Ian, the character from 'Accidentally Yours'. Here's the transcript from our conversation and a few photos from the interview. Enjoy.

NOTE: Ian is fictional. Matt is not. You can follow Matt on Facebook. Ian is upset he can't have his own page, but he'll deal with it. 


Lea: Thanks guys for meeting me here. *waves* I know you're both busy, and well, probably tired from your flights. Let me get the readers up to speed and then I'll dive into our questions. *turning to the readers* I've flown Ian and Matt in today to chat with me, and each other, about the awesome new book from yours truly... *chuckles* Ian is the hero, star if you will, in the first book of a brand new paranormal series, 'Accidentally Yours'. Matt Savard is the model, the man, the God *laughs* who portrays Ian on the cover. Say hello to the adoring fans, guys.

Ian: Hiya, I'm Ian. Wolf-shifter extraordinaire.

Matt: HI guys *stands up and bows* I’m matt. Apparently the god *laughs*

Lea: Short and sweet, I like it. *laughs* I want to dig into both of your lives, find out how similar or different you are, and I'm sure the readers what to know, too. Let's start with what you're doing now.

Matt: Well I just moved to texas with my mate/wife, unlike Ian my mate’s already agreed *laughs* I own and run an online personal nutrition and training company called  (shameless plug). *stands up points to Bossbody T shirt* We have clients worldwide so I’m lucky I work from home in the central air, make my own schedule so I can have enough time to spend in the gym to stay this sexy. I’m also a competitive bodybuilder just had a show in Pennsylvania.

Ian: Well, I'm currently living and working in Coyote Bluff. Virginia. Yep, small-ass town in the middle of bumfuck-nowhere. I'm a computer geek and I'm running my own company. *rubs the back of his neck*
 Um, as all y'all will read I've just found my mate, or she will be my mate once I get her to agree. Her name is Camile, but no one can call her that. *blushes* I found that out when she hit me with a pan. Anyway. That's about it. I'm waiting on Cammie to accept me and we'll tie us together, shifter-style.

Lea: Ian, you're lucky she didn't have her rifle when you called her Camile. Shit, you know who the last person was to call her that?

 Ian: *growls* Yeah, that fuckhead ex of hers. Glad he's fucking gone. *grumbles under his breath* Went too fucking fast for my taste.

Lea: Okay. Next question. What do you guys like to do with your free time?

Ian: Hmm, freetime. I like to hang out with Cam. Um, run the woods in wolf form. That's about it. *shrug* I like football on Sundays, watching hockey when it's on. Shit, I'll even watch golf sometimes if there's nothing else on.

Matt: I like to do rene my wife mostly. *mischievous grin* I spend time with my puppy Gypsy. Yup tattoos, muscles, Mohawk and 5 pound chihuahua. I don't have much time between running the company and training and so my free time is mostly family time.

Ian: Yeah, dude. You’re ripped. *lifting shirt* Let’s see… Lea can judge. Who’s got the better abs.
*Matt and Ian stand, turn to Lea and wait*

Lea: Damn... *blushes* Did I say that out loud? *clears throat* Sit down you two, geez you’re the same abs. I mean have the same abs. *waves hand around* Moving on. What's on the horizon for each of you in the coming year? Plans? Work?

Ian: Well. I would say my first priority is getting Cammie to be my mate. My wolf and I are in complete accord that she is it for us. But, she's a little reluctant, or scared. She's not going to read this, right? Oh, and I guess in my immediate future she and I are helping her friend Zeke recover from being shot. *turning to the readers* And, all y'all will just have to read about how that happens.

Lea: *laughing* Good job pimping the book, Ian. But, you're right. We're not giving anything away. Let's talk about how you got to where you are today. How did you get into your professions and end up living in Virginia and Texas?

Ian: Damn it, I knew you'd ask this. *sighs* Okay. Real story is this. A few years ago I was drunk, I mean, really, really, really drunk. The Alpha's mate approached me and, well, I was horny, she was horny. You get the picture. That one stupid, asinine, idiotic mistake cost me my pack. The Alpha ran me out as soon as he found out and informed every pack from California to New York about me. Anyway. Most of the packs I passed through ran me out as well. I found Coyote Bluff and hunkered down, hoping the Alpha in this little tiny town hadn't heard of me. But, he had.

Lea: And?

Ian: *grumbling* And if his stupid yippers, I mean coyotes hadn't chased me I wouldn't have run into Cammie. So. Fate has her freaking ways of getting the right people in the right places.

Lea: Mmmhmmm. Okay, Matt what about you? How'd you get into BossBody, competing, and all that cool stuff you do?

Matt: hmmm well lets see *scratches head* Where to begin? I guess it all started with Rene. Well, before Rene I was in Boston just being a drunk man whore. Couldn't find any one woman to hold my attention longer than to get my immediate needs met.*wink* Rene I’d known on and off for years before we really got together. In 2011 she was in Alaska, I was being drink man whore in Boston, and she came to visit for a week. That was that. I went back to Alaska with her. A very remote, isolated part of Alaska. Aside from sexual marathons to keep each other warm there wasn't much to do. We decided to try doing a Bodybuilding (physique) Competition just for fun and turns out we were pretty good at it so we’ve just kept it going. I’ve done 11 shows now and created a lifestyle out of it. Bossbody fits right in we help people prep for shows but mostly help people who just want to get fit and healthy. Neither of us really like working and having set schedule so it just made sense to start our own company.

Lea: Thanks guys for taking the time to swing on over to Buffalo for a chat. We'll go get some wings and beer before you head home. Thanks to the readers for stopping by and checking out Ian, my sexy shifter, and Matt, my sexy model friend. Either of you have last words?

Matt: Thanks for having me on. Can’t wait to find out what happens with Ian and Cammie. No real last words but I’ll leave you with  this *stands up takes shirt off flexes and rubs rippling abs and chest muscles*

Ian: *snorts* Nice. *fist pumps Matt* I’m thankful Lea finally finished our story. It’s been a LONG time in the making. Thanks to her, to her readers and well, to Matt for giving me awesome abs. *laughs*

Hope you all have enjoyed this as much as we had making it. You can check out Accidentally Yours here:

A HUGE thank you to Matt and Rene for working on this with me! :)

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