Friday, August 8, 2014

NEW Release: Clair de Lune's 'Davy Meets his Match' #eroticrom #sirenauthor #mustread

Welcome Clair de Lune to my blog and help celebrate her NEW RELEASE!

 I live in Dumfries and Galloway in southern Scotland but I am Yorkshire born and bred. I retired from teaching and soon needed something more than the usual housework to occupy my mind.

My youngest son challenged me to write a novel of my own and I wrote Initiation, book one in the Prometheus in Chains series. Since then writing has taken over my life. It has been like a roller-coaster ride and a very pleasurable one at that. When I sent off my first book to Siren, I had no idea what I was setting in motion. I have made many good friends, some readers and some fellow authors, to whom I am indebted for their unfailing support and affection. Writing has certainly changed my life.

I believe the world has enough sadness in it and my characters will always get their HEA, even if the road is rocky.

I love to hear from my readers  and I always answer e-mails or contacts on Facebook.

Davy Meets His Match no 4 in The Blood Red Rose Series  

Adult Excerpt

He knew when she gave up thinking and worrying. He felt her relax in his arms and triumph flowed over him. He’d done it, and now he’d show her to what heights he could take her. He walked over to the bed and threw back the covers, and then he picked her up and laid her on the bottom sheet. Her glorious hair fanned out over the pillow and her huge eyes looked at him from under the long fringe. He took off his clothes, wasting no time, but he did fold them neatly and place them on the same chair as hers. It will do her no harm to look and think of what’s to come. He turned and crawled on all fours up the bed and covered her with his body. He bent over her and proceeded to kiss her from her eyes all the way down her face, her neck, and her breasts. He licked and nibbled the soft, firm globes before rasping the ruched tips of her nipples with his teeth. The sharp intake of breath as he did it was its own reward. He drew one nipple into his mouth, licking, nipping, and suckling until her back arched and she moaned in pleasure. Then he paid the same attention to the other one. Her hands grasped his hair, which was beginning to come loose from the plait he habitually wore. He suckled harder and she squeaked. She’s vocal. That’s fortunate. I love to hear the sounds she makes and I intend to hear a lot more. His mouth moved down her belly, swirling his tongue in her belly button, which made her giggle. Then he licked and nibbled his way toward her pussy. He felt her tense and, lifting his head, he saw her needy little clit poking out in arousal from her neatly waxed pussy. Delicious. I can’t wait to taste her. He bent and flicked her clit with the tip of his tongue. To his astonishment, she screamed his name and her body arched as her climax took her. He collected her in his arms and held her to him, petting and soothing as she trembled and shook in aftershocks. He bent and kissed the top of her head, smelling her perfume and the special scent of her body. He inhaled deeply, settled her closer, and kissed her again. She wriggled in his embrace and looked up at him out of tear-drenched eyes, as sweet a smile as ever he’d seen on her face, so he bent to kiss her lips and felt her hands tangle in his hair as she pulled him closer. He laid her down on the bed and settled himself beside her. For a while, they kissed and touched each other, then she bent and drew one of his nipples into her mouth, flicking it with her tongue, all the while rolling the other in her fingers. He hissed and his cock grew ever harder. One of her hands stroked over his belly and wrapped around his cock. She held him firmly and began to pump up and down until he could stand it no more. Rolling onto his back, he drew her on top of him. She was warm, tender, and inviting as she looked down on him, and he pulled gently but firmly on her nipples. She leaned forward and allowed his dick to enter her. Her eyes dilated a little as his thick, swollen cock pushed home, and then she began to ride him. He held her hips and lifted her, slamming her down again and again. He felt her pussy muscles clasp his swollen cock as he withdrew and he knew he couldn’t last long this first time. Soon his hips bucked, and as she collapsed on his chest in the throes of her second climax, he shot his seed deep within her. Oh, bugger. No condom!

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