Monday, July 14, 2014

NEW RELEASE: The Breaking of Sabrina ~ $0.99 #BDSM #erotica

New Release: The Breaking of Sabrina

I've been working with Vile Woods on a few books, most of them educational and centered around the BDSM lifestyle. This fictional story is based on the idea of using non-consensual means to break someone. This isn't a romance. It's scary and meant to be. As some of you know I'm submissive and live as such. This piece is terrifying to me. It was first written by Vile and I added a bit of mental fear.

This story is NOT for the faint of heart. It is NOT a warm and fuzzy BDSM with a happy-ever-after. Very different from my other stories.

Now that I've scared some off. LOL Not my intended, btw, but I don't want someone purchasing this thinking they'll get something to smile about. It's harsh. I will say that for anyone interested in the lifestyle it should make you stop and think. Giving over control to a stranger, someone you might know, etc. without a way out is dangerous! Non-consensual anything is not what BDSM is but it is what some take it to mean. When that happens people can get hurt.

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To the readers, 

In the story you’re about to read, The Breaking of Sabrina, I put myself in the mind of a sadist. There are sadists alive and well. You could be standing next to one in the checkout line, your waiter, or someone you work with. You never know. Believe me, things like I have mentioned do really happen. While most being consensual, some are not. Even if you have thought of it or you have a need to be broken, think twice. The lifestyle is not a game. The lifestyle is not a fantasy. The world of BDSM is powerful and it is real and if you fall into the wrong hands you can get hurt. 

While this story is not true, it is completely fictitious; the experiences you’ll read about do go on. It happens daily, maybe not the way I wrote it, but the breaking of a slave is very common. This story could be real, and it could be you. Be careful and be safe. 

Much Love, 

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