Thursday, September 5, 2013

Spanking and Why You Should Want It

Spanking is an art. Spanking if fun. And, of course spanking is sexy as hell.

Spanking can be very erotic and it can be playful. I have an ass fetish that is out of this world. I hate to see my wife leave but I love watching her go.

Let's talk spankings. Some of you are already shaking your heads. You say, "well I don't enjoy being spanked". Sure you do. Imagine while washing dishes your hubby has walked up behind you and gave you a tap on the ass cheek, and you felt a rush through out your body, excitement. Go ahead, nod.

If Spanking is done correctly it can cause a woman to orgasm. While being spanked endorphin's are released in the same manner when you reach a vaginal orgasm. Endorphins, when released, can be minimal or just mind blowing in quantity. That is why some orgasms are better than others.

Many key factors come into play, foreplay being one. Sexual stimulation. Taking the time to please each other. How many erogenous zones your getting tapped. Oh, and if your mind is actually engaged in the sex or making a shopping list. Spanking can do a few things. It can focus the mind on the lower region, increase the amount of endorphins in the blood stream, engage large portions of the skin, increase sensitivity, engage nerves and increase blood flow to the pussy.

Now, I am not speaking about bending you over the bed and just going to town. It has to start out with light taps, and continue until you find your comfort zone. Erotic spanking is more about finding and keeping you on the edge between pain and pleasure. See below for positioning and hints.

The body has pressure points all through out. This is why if feels so good when you get a massage, especially a deep tissue massage, because they are hitting those pressure points and putting you in a relaxed state of mind. Spanking can do the same thing, but in a more erotic way.

Spanking is also a good way to spice up your bedroom time, most men will jump at the chance to do a little rough play. The truth is most men are scared to bring somethings up when it comes to sex. A huge part is feeling guilty, or fear of rejection or being judged. This is true. 

On the other side of the fence you do have the Ward Clevers, who are prudish when it comes to sex, crawl on top, bust a nut roll over and go to sleep. You end up busting out the vibrator the next day when he goes to work.

The key is to keep your man happy, I am not saying it does not work both ways because it does. You the woman have needs as well, but it has to be a give and take. Most men really get off on rough sex. We have a sexual thought about every twenty seconds. Yes it is true. So at times you need to step out of your comfort zone and give a little.

Men like to be asked when it comes to sex. You may have to dig for answers but asking is the key never assume anything. Many people, for what ever reason, when they first meet someone are afraid to express their wants and needs. If you enter into such a relationship it is doomed before you even get started, it is like lighting a fuse. Eventually it's going to burn itself out and you're left with nothing but ash.

If you are in a committed relationship what goes on behind close doors should be just mind blowing sex, down to earth sweaty fucking. This is time to play, this is time to release all that tension. This is the time to get your rocks off. You can do what ever you want, it is only the two of you.

Sex is meant to be fun, it is meant to be exciting, uninhibited. What goes on behind closed doors stays there. To give yourself 100% will only bring satisfaction. 

People say sex is a small part of a relationship and that is the biggest crock of shit I have ever heard. To some women it may play a small part but go back to the sexual thoughts a male has. If you do not believe me hit the google button. Lea Note: I think more women give up instead of trying to get anything out of sex because they're left behind more times than not with a non-communicative partner.

Many people for what ever reason fall into a sexual routine, that gets fucking boring and quick. Both need to experiment on a regular basis, if you do you will see steady changes for the best. 

Which brings us back to spanking...

Spanking is meant to be fun, I really and truly get off on spanking. I myself never spank as a form of discipline. Although I have once and Arianna had a hard time sitting for a couple of days.

Most husbands do not want to get rough with their wife, either out of guilt or again rejection. The wife should make a statement during sex, something to this effect 'tonight is your night you can do anything you have ever wanted to do'. The husband's brain will go nuts. This breaks the ice, the barrier that has been up for a very long time. Most husbands want to make love and most women just want to be fucked.
Lea Note: I burst right out loud. I want this on a T-shirt

The wife should feel comfortable talking to her husband, not all men are open to kinky sex, but if she explains it as a need more than a want, most of the time he will go along with it. Now I did say most, not all.

The male may feel somewhat uncomfortable the first couple of times. If the female enjoys something she should be vocal about it. The more pleasure she is getting the more he will get out of it.

Spanking is an art, and I have made women cum while being spanked. Does it happen every time? No, it doesn't just like sub-space.

The male should instruct his partner to bend over the bed or on a table palms down, legs spread shoulder width apart. Instead of a straight impact spank, the hand should be in an upward movement, this allows for full hand contact. Start lightly. If the female is comfortable it may help to loosen things up if she plays with herself a little to get that stimulation going. I myself like to stand to the side and wrap one arm around so I can play with the pussy while spanking with the other hand. Switching from cheek to cheek, if you just spank one side after a while she will not get the same effect.

Over the Lap spanking is very easy and erotic. Position her over your lap so your swings and contact are comfortable for you. Use the same upward motion insuring full hand contact, if you do not have the full hand it feels more awkward, and is less stimulating. 

Some light pain equals pleasure, more pleasure once the endorphins begin to release, then comes the orgasm.

Try hitting different areas. Such as the clit: very light rapid spanking to clit can cause a mind blowing orgasm. NOTE: I did say light. Nipples are the same with light pinching and pulling, he can then try spanking the nipples a little, I have met some women who just get off on that.

To bring the sting out just a little I love to use baby oil, a little on the palm of my hand and 'smack'. It sounds louder than it hurts.

NOTE: No belts! At least not in the beginning. You have no control of the belt and most of the time you miss the intended target, If you are going to spank to punish then yes, by all means get your belt, but for play it is not good. Those little paddles you get from Walmart with the bouncy ball attached those make awesome paddles, and for three bucks. Riding crops can be picked up at a feed store for 5.99, never buy that shit from a BDSM site.

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  1. Thank you so much for this post. I have been trying to get hubby to spank. I forwarded this post to him.

    1. YAY! I actually forwarded it mine as well. :P
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  2. Hubby wants me to spank him....great post!