Thursday, August 1, 2013

Demystifying the Male- 28

Well, we've been gone for a couple of weeks but we're back to normal Demystifying the Male goodness.

1. What is the strangest thing someone has requested from you during sex?

Ramrod: I haven't felt anything I have been asked so far to be strange to me.  I don't consider my sex life insane crazy but I am far from vanilla.  Requests for toys, positions and locations have all been fun but never thought strange to do.

Vile: Wow this is a very tough one. I am going to be truthful, I am the one with the strange request, nothing is taboo to me when it comes to sex. Although I am not into bestiality, I have witnessed it before sometime ago, not my thing but, hey who am I to judge. Honestly I cannot think of anything strange that I have asked or been asked.

Brian: Honestly I really have never been asked anything strange during sex. I guess the strangest for me would be the choking. My girlfriend likes being choked. I feel very strange the few times that I do that. I guess I do not see the what makes it a turn on so it is strange to me.
Lea Note: I did send him an explanation of how lack of oxygen can increase the strength of an orgasm, but as you should ALL know... NEVER EVER play with choking or oxygen deprivation without REALLY knowing what you're doing. NEVER! EVER! So sayeth Lea!

Jose: The strangest thing a bitch said was to suck her toes and I did it. I will never do that again Hell's to the NO! Close second: a chick wanted me to choke her.

2. Do you, as a guy, enjoy role play? How in depth do you go? Does it start hours before the 'date' and take some time to organize, or is it only in the bedroom with costumes?

Ramrod: I have never tried role playing but after reading Danica Avet's book Dean's List... I would definitely give it a try.  I think both in the bedroom or doing a planned scenario would be fun.

Vile: I have done some role play, I think it is good to spice things up, if you can be serious enough, like to strangers meeting up in a bar, or a police detective coming over to ask questions, or the school girl trying to earn a passing grade, the babysitter, her doctor, behind on the rent, can't make the car payment, okay I'll shut up, but yes role playing is fun.

Brian: I have never done role play before so i honestly don't have thought on it. I would love to do a role play maybe be the pizza delivery guy delivering a pizza and she gets a pizza with everything on it hahaha.

Jose: I have and it was sweet. We spiced it up for a night you know.You can be someone you are not. I love it when a Ho dress up.

3. Piercings? Thoughts? Nipples, tongues, lips, eyebrows?

Ramrod: For Me?  Fuck No! For a woman?  Lip and eyebrow piercings I am not too much a fan of. They are not usually a turn off but I have never been turned on by them. Ear piercings are ok as long as there are not too many.  Now nipple, tongue, bellybutton and pussy piercings are FUCKING hot.  I would never ask a woman to get one but she would be greatly rewarded for volunteering to do so.

Vile: I am really like into Goth and Emo chicks they are fucking hot, both are into a lot of piercings. Although they are hot you must really think before getting any such as nipples or the clit hood done, there is a chance you could lose sensitivity in any area, so give it some thought before hand, once you lose the sensitivity it is gone. One the other side it could increase the feeling. I love the lips being pierced, the tongue makes for awesome head.

Brian: Piercings are amazing. Love nipple rings are hot on a woman. Tongue when a woman goes down and you feel the end of the ring on the shaft and balls. Nipple rings are great to suck on when you are sucking on some beautiful breasts. You can pull on the and it drives them crazy. Love boobs just saying you know . I'm not a huge fan of the lip rings they just look weird.

Jose: Nipple and tongue rings are hot as fuck. Tongue ring for sucking dick is amazing and nipples rings are hot to look at on some titties.

My fearless, mostly permanent men, o' the hour are:

Jose Da Hood from Ellora's Cave and the Cave Chaos Radio. Coordinator of sex toy testing (email him or message him if you want to test items!)

Mr. Vile Woods blogger, Dominant, all around open guy. Check out his blog HEREMuch love to all the women who read Lea's blog.

Brian Nelson My newest addition. He works for Ellora's Cave as well, but I honestly don't have a clue what he does. :o)

Ramrod Director of Project Management for Ellora's Cave Publishing  If it plugs into a wall, battery operated, needs built, rebuilt, lifted, driven, fixed or figured out... that's me

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  1. This was some awesome answers to these guys are doing awesome work. I love hot..and sex toys hell 2 the yea. Always fun and interesting.

  2. This was some awesome answers to these guys are doing awesome work. I love hot..and sex toys hell 2 the yea. Always fun and interesting.

  3. As always, awesomely honest answers! And thanks for the pimpage, Randy. Glad Dean's List gave you some food for thought ;)

  4. Jose, we were made for each other! I hate having my feet touched (tho I love toe rings - go figure!), and I don't find choking sexy, but that damn toilet seat would have to stay down down. ;)

  5. I think some of the women should ask questions they have always wanted answers to

  6. I especially loved the answers on role playing...Especially the way Mr. Vile kind of wandered into fantasy land!!! LOL

    Thanks guys!

  7. Loved the answers! I find it interesting Jose that you thought sucking toes was worse than choking. Personally, I think that would tickle more than be a turn on.
    I think men having their junk pierced would be sexy as hell. I would love to play with it with my tongue.
    I think I'm questioned out Vile. I can't think of anything right now.

  8. @julianne lol, i cool on the sucking toes but getting junk pierced
    -_- lol not my junk @dalton i been waiting for you :)

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  10. If a guy tried to suck my toes during sex without informing me before hand, I can see myself jerking in reflex and possibly breaking a nose... I'm very very ticklish. Plus... ick. :/
    I'm definitely the kinkier one in the relationship, I'm always asking for new things. ;)