Thursday, July 4, 2013

Demystifying the Male- 'He said, she said' segment

I had a question... so I posed it to my normal DtM guys and the Cabal of Hotness crew.

What sexual position is the best to ensure you'll get off the fastest? 

~Here's what the girls said~

Danica~ The position gets the cock right where I want it. Besides, it's animalistic and primal and hot.

Nikki~ Doggy-Style...hands down

Shell~ Only and I mean only position has been doggy style.

Lea~ There's something about the angle and penetration. Or it might be the loss of control. Mmm, and add in hair pulling and some other things and I'm a rocket shooting off into the lithosphere.

Vanessa~ Me on top riding him!

Julianne~ Me on top! While moving up and down with a little bit of hip swivel, and a little grinding action, this position gets it for me every time.

Anya~ Him sitting on the edge of the bed (or couch, whatever) me facing him, legs around his waist. Good riding!

Other positions
Anonymous~ A complicated tangle of legs and perfect positioning, lady on her back and man on his side.  Now with a toy, a completely different position that accomplishes the task light lightening.

Sky~ Off the side of the bed, legs on his shoulders.

Griff~ This is going to sound lame but missionary. I love it! My hubby has complete control over me by setting the pace as well as the depth. ;-)

~Here's what the boys said~
Ramrod- I have a tall bed but a kitchen table or picnic table will work too but you sitting up (not laying back, clothes still on, skirt of course) on the edge of the bed, legs spread and I enter from the standing position.  Something about the raw animal passion of pushing you up on the edge of the bed, not bothering to remove our clothes, lifting up your skirt, pulling your panties to the side, grab your ass and fucking the hell out of you just pushes me over the edge quickly.  The angle in which I enter and how tensed your muscles are holding up your legs makes you tight as hell.  If you add in that it is easier for me to watch my dick sliding in and out of your pussy and that it seems more spontaneous just makes it a perfect combination for a quick hit and run.  Don't worry, I will never leave a girl hanging but that's for another question.

Vile- She is on top, the way she slides me in, and places her hands on my chest and begins to rock her hips. Depending on how hard she squeezes my cocks depends on how fast I get off, but her on top is the fastest.

Brian- The best position for me to cum the fastest would definitely be doggy.Like I can't explain why doggy does it so fast but it just feels amazing. I think when doing doggy style for me there is always more than just the actual penetration going on. Just the look of hitting it from behind seeing the titties bouncing back and forth. Holding her waist as I pound away. Pulling her hair as I give it to her and yes on occasion smackin' that ass while pounding.

I found this absolutely interesting! So, want to play along? Leave a comment, or better yet a question you'd like me to pose to the gang! 


  1. Oooh! I loved the He Said/She Said insights on this one! Thanks to all for sharing!

  2. I am horny as I am "heading out" to find my hubby!


    1. Feel ya Pam and it was a great blog this week.

  3. Here's a question. What is your favorite female body part? What do you like to do with that body part?

    1. Very Good question, Thank you. Lea, On what is our favorite body part, we should also answer why as well as what we like to do with it or favorite thing to do to it.

    2. Very good question. I can't waot to answer this one yeah buddy.

  4. It was very interesting to read everyone's positions. When do we get to do the hands on stuff? lol!!

    1. What are you going to do if we hold you to that? bwahahahaha

    2. Hahaha work project yeah buddy

  5. The position I put......barely 2 minutes, Maybe 2 and a half minutes at tops

  6. missionary -_- lol jk good job

  7. I loved the he/said she/said this week love hearing how everyone else likes to get off and it seems doggy is good for that.