Thursday, July 18, 2013

Demystifying the Male- He Said/ She Said 2

Round two of 'He Said/She Said':

Where is the weirdest, coolest, kinkiest place you've ever had sex? Could be from high school (in the back seat of the car while your mom is driving) to adulthood (out under the stars on 4th of July during fireworks).

Cassandra Carr ~ On an overpass of the LIE (Long Island Expressway). Very cool to know all the cars were whizzing by us below.

 Anonymous ~ '55 chevy at a drive in where i hung stuff in the windows - i remember a kid walked by and said "cool a '55 chevy with curtains". this was in 1977 too, boyfriend had the vehicle.

Nikki ~ The swimming pool in the middle of the day, on the 4th of July?  While everyone else was inside eating :)

Anonymous ~ At a rock concert--and yeah in the concert. Not the parking lot or bathroom.

Sky ~ On a snowmobile

Brian ~ Ok I have had sex in some strange places. Church parking lots, bent a girl over on the hood of her car, & the stairwell at an old job.The best thought was at the Gorge park. I took my girlfriend for a walk through the park one day. We were holding hands & doing all of the lovey dove things that people do. We stopped for a moment to relax and catch our breath. We started kissing on the bench and i honestly didn't think anything was going to happen. We started to fondle each other and rubbing the right spot. Now no one had walked by to this point so we got up climbed up on a couple of huge ass rocks. I pulled down her shorts and bent here over one of the rocks and took the skin boat to pound town. I was pulling her hair as i pounded her in and out. I could feel her starting to play with her clit and my balls each time i went in. This went on for bout 7 min and yes in the middle of it a couple walked by. I have no clue if they seen us but we saw them. I wasn't stopping and she didn't want me too. We finished and went along with our walk. That was some hot kinky sex in my book.

Vanessa ~ Shortly after the Hub and I got married we started house shopping. One night we were driving around looking for homes with for sale signs in front of them. We had stopped at one to get the little flyer/brochure thingy that was on the door. The house wasn't on a street that had other homes close by and for whatever reason the tailgate of the truck in the driveway of that home seemed like the perfect spot to have sex. Looking back on it now I can't believe we did it. There were other homes that we could see, there was a street light right across the street.

Next week we will return to our regularly scheduled 'Demystifying the Male'...

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  1. At the Cordova, Alaska Chamber of Commerce. In the storage room.