Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tattoo Tuesday- Kody Thompson

Please Welcome Kody Thompson to Tattoo Tuesday. 

Tell me about yourself in 4 sentences. 
 I couldn’t sum up who I am in four novels let alone four sentences, but I’ll give it my best shot. I am a family man first, I am a father to my 3 year old son first above all else. I enjoy Mother Nature and anything outdoors at any time of the year. I’m 26 going on 40 if we’re counting by life experience. I wouldn’t be half the man I am today without facing the trials and tribulations I have up to this point. I don’t have a military background but I live my life with the military mentality, live by core values; honor, dignity, integrity, due diligence, sacrifice, loyalty and to bust your ass day in and day out to get where you want to be in life. 

What was your first tattoo, and did it have any meaning at the time?
First tattoo was Michael Jordan jump man symbol on my right shoulder with the words “Judge Me” under. It has a hell of a lot of meaning to me, a lot think it’s stupid but nobody has asked why. I grew up being a nobody, basketball was my first real appearance at being somebody special and I was good, real good. Once I knew I could get better and better I worked my ass off in the gym to be the best on the court. I always played with best kids and usually I was the only white kid, which meant I was always judged the minute I stepped on the court. I was a huge Michael Jordan fan and loved his underdog story; he was the best in my eyes at the time so I decided I wanted the symbol of a legend that stands for something bigger than just basketball for me. I was 17 years old and where I lived in Upstate New York the Tattoo age was 18, well I didn’t want to wait so I did my research and found that Connecticut the age was 17 with parental consent. I forged a letter signed and notarized from my father saying I was able to get one and if any questions call this number (my best friend’s #) ha-ha. We drove 5 hours stopped along the way at the basketball hall of fame where I found the inspiration to put the words “Judge me” from a Michael Jordan plaque hanging in the hall. Ill never forget the first time my parents/friends/teachers saw it, my senior year I wore a t shirt to cover it until our first basketball game. I walked out on court and people’s faces were priceless ;) But they respected me.

Do you have any tats you regret getting?
I live with no regrets, so no I don’t regret my first tattoo but I wish I would have been patient when making the decision of where to get it and how big it was. The field of entertainment I am in now is very subjective to how you look and tattoo’s they don’t understand are frowned upon.

More tats planned?
I do have more tats planned!  I want to get one of my favorite quotes tatted on my right upper pec in  a scripture type font reading “Rise and rise again, until lambs become lions”. I also want to get my sons birthdate and initials in roman numerals at some point somewhere easy to conceal if I have work.

Do you buy into the idea that tats are addictive?
Yes, I’ve always heard they are very addictive and believe it. I never got the bug but honestly if I knew they weren’t permanent I would be covered by now.. I want a sleeve when I’m a bit older.

What's in your future? Long term and short term?
Future ahh, I live day by day I give 110% effort daily to achieve the dreams I’ve dreamt about on a daily basis. I love acting so one of my biggest dreams is to be acting making a comfortable living, but I also want my own gym business where I can pass my passion to other people and change lives in and out of the health setting. But for now I have a personal training business, online website (KodyThompson.com) and a clothing company in the works as we speak.

What's one thing no one would guess about you?
Ahh  I’m a man’s man don’t get me wrong but I’m a momma’s boy, a deep hopeless romantic and I like things old fashion!

If you were a super hero who would you be, and what would your powers and weaknesses be?
Oh man I watch Marvel comic movies almost every night with my son… I am obsessed with the hulk and Ironman lol Weakness? What’s that, lol, same in real life fear of losing family or loved ones.

Do you enjoy reading? 
I never liked reading much a kid, but after transforming my life and body physically I’m a huge fan of reading “self help” books and inspirational biographies. The list goes on but I just finished “Onward” by Starbucks Owner and Ceo Howard Schultz, recently started “Awaken the Giant within” etc
Bottles, they are better in a fight ;)

Quick Questions:
Chocolate or Vanilla?  Chocolate

Motor cycle or muscle car?  Muscle car

Morning or night person?  Morning and night, you don’t need sleep when you’re excited about living!

Where can people find you?
I am on Facebook a lot and check Instagram everyday and use Twitter every other day. 

I am trying to direct all my attention to my website coming really soon, www.kodythompson.com, if somebody has a legitimate job offer,  then you can use my email account at Kodyt21@yahoo.com as well.

I have so many thanks to give to so many people all I can say is you know who you are! My parents are amazing and support me in every way possible. My new sponsor Edwin @stayRxFit has recently provided me with so much opportunity I would never have had without him! 

The biggest people of all are the fans I have, who look up to what I do daily and tell me what I am doing is making a difference in their lives, which really humbles me the most!

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  1. What a great, inspirational interview! I love the tattoos, but I really enjoyed hearing your Michael Jordan story. There's a lot to be said about not allowing other people's perceptions guide your life. Awesome interview and good luck, Kody!

    1. It took me 26 years to learn that principle and develope "me" not somebody else's version of me. Thank you for the genuine comment, Each comment humbles me more than I already am!

  2. Great interview! Love the before and after pics. My Hub just went on a diet. Its the old pics I've showed him that really hit him that he needed to start doing something.

    1. Yea we never know where we wanna go, if you don't admit where you started . I'm very busy but I usually post a fit tip each day on my Facebook page to help out. Its the fastest way to touch as many people as I can, do check out my Facebook for now, tell your husband to drop by I've got a special talent of helping people.
      Thanknyou again!

  3. Wow, sounds like you know where you're going. All the best getting there! That pic of you & your son is adorable.

    1. Cassandra, that's exactly it everything I do from his birthdate forward is 1% for me 99% for my sons future. He gives me my strength to never quit. I'm gunna be his hero someday !

  4. The tats are awesome, but not nearly as awesome as the interview. Thank you for this! Your son is adorable and you are an inspiration.

    1. Thank you Cara!
      Like I said evey bit of exposure or gratitude I receive, humbles me beyond belief. I'll never get a big head or change who I regardless money or fame I may acquire.

  5. Great interview! What an adorable picture of your son and you. You are such an inspiration. Good luck to you.

  6. Thank you. Oh if you only could sit down and listen to my complete story you would be shocked lol good and bad of course nobody is perfect, but in my eyes as long as we live and LEARN from the mistakes not to repeat the same one twice, that's a good life worth living. We can't live forever, but the idea isn't to live forever. It's to create something that will"