Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tattoo Tuesday- Cherokee Takatsuki

Happy Birthday to me! :)

Please welcome Cherokee Takatsuki to Tattoo Tuesday...

Give me a four sentences that sum you up: what you do, who you are, where you've been...
I'm a dancer, actor, model, father, martial artist, Paul Mitchell stylist and personal trainer. I'm from Kapaa, Hawaii and love adventure and travel. I'm also a 16 time strip off champion!

What was your first tattoo? Does it have meaning to you?  
Xavier Michael. it would been my first son's name but we lost him in a miscarriage.

Do you have more tats planned?
Yes I plan on finishing my left arm sleeve. I draw all of my own artwork as well. I've had 48 hours of ink already and plan to easily top 50.

Do you buy into tattoos being addictive once you start getting them?
Yes they are a great way to relieve stressful situations.

What's your plans for the immediate future? Long-term?
Now I'm working on the building of my website ...long term is getting two books published and supplements and fragrance line ...as well as finishing my 6th album.

What's something about yourself that most people don't know?
I'm very shy.
Lea's Note: I asked him how that worked being an entertainer and he said that he just overcomes and lets his work personality through.

If you were a superhero, what would your power be? Your weakness?
Healing would be my strength/power, and my weakness is true love.

Do you enjoy reading? Who's your fav author, or your fav type of book (suspense, mystery, biography, paranormal, etc)?
I love to read spiritual and poetry ....my favorote author is God...and Longfellow

Quick Questions:

Chocolate or Vanilla?  Chocolate
Motor cycle or muscle car?  Muscle Car
Morning or night person?  Night owl

Where can we find you?
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cherokee.takatsuki
Website http://cherokeedragon.com/

Give some shoutouts...
I'd like to thank Natasha for this opportunity. DPI Photography for their work. Also, Hardbodies!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Lea!

    Cherokee, 50 hours of tats...wow. I'm like..."I think I have maybe 4 hours scheduled" LOL Great pictures, great tattoos and hello for 16 time strip off champion!